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The Non-Human Union
Headquarters: Federal Republic of the NHU, Greenfields continent
Members: 22.892 billion, 19 member nations as of 12th of April 2004
Type: Economic and Political alliance, military participation voluntary
Forum: NHU Forums


The NHU (Non-Human Union) is mainly an economic and political alliance. Its main purpose is to bring greater integration to nations of different species (including humans, despite the alliance's name) and to defend and make a stand for the civil and political rights of sapient, non-human species, acknowledging the right of these creatures to develop sane and humane lives.

According to the NHU's most basic principles, all sapient beings are entitled to the same rights and responsibilities and deserve the same right to self-determination as any human nation on this world.

The NHU is based mainly on the Greenfields continent, but it also has members in other regions of the world.

The Federal Republic

Established with the purpose of being the NHU's administrative center, the Federal Republic of the NHU (FRNHU) is a neutral territory located on the northeastern part of the Greenfields continent. The FRNHU is a territory owned and governed by all NHU member nations, through the NHU senate, and it is the heart and administrative center of the alliance. It is protected by troops from the NHU Combined Forces, which also serve as its police force. Its biggest city is Phellnain. The FRNHU exists solely for internal purposes and its foreign policy is tied to that of the NHU.


The NHU economy is thriving, especially since signing the IFTA became a requisite for Greenfield nations. (other nations are free to enter the NHU without signing the IFTA, but they won't be able to relocate themselves on Greenfields)

The combined GDP of the NHU is a total of $333,714,100,000,000, the nations of Feline, Biotopia, Slagkattunger and Daistallia 2104 being the main economic powerhouses. The NHU has huge markets with a wide variety of goods, though most of them are traded through the IFTA. A huge market of information technology belongs to the nation of Biotopia. This nation, along with others like Slagkattunger, Feline and Daistallia are the industrial centers of the alliance. A huge kelp agricultural sector is owned by the nation of Aqua Nation Atlantica, while Rabid Liberals and Hell Bovines are characterised by their scientific "knowledge economy" exports and their eco-friendly products.

The official (though not mandatory) currency of the NHU is the Union Paw and a great part of the NHU's regional economic policies are regulated by the NHU Central Bank, a special, Greenfields-based organism created for such purpose.


The NHU is bound to promote scientific research among its members and to promote the exchange of this research. Many technologies have been developed since the founding of the alliance. Among them, the eye implant technologies by Biotopian scientists and the new education and schooling methods by Hell Bovinian psychologists. The NHU also carries out scientific research in space through the NHU space agency.


Since the foundation of the NHU, there was agreement on the vital necessity of creating a military body strong enough to defend the alliance from foreign aggression and strong enough to engage in peacekeeping and/or humanitarian missions in those places were Non-Human species suffered oppression or torture. It is with that purpose that the United Defence Forces of the NHU (UDF), were created, as an independent military force.

The UDF can co-operate with other military allies of the NHU, member state military forces and in mutual war games. The UDF also works with member-nation defence departments to co-ordinate in humanitarian and defensive military preparations. The UDF is responsible for holding forum on general military policies and research and development of new military applications.

Important contributors to the UDF are the strong navy and army of Aqua Nation Atlantica, the well-trained forces of Moozimoo and Daistallia, the modern-technologies of Slagkattunger and Biotopia and the rather large guerrilla-based army and air force of Hell Bovines.

Member states are still allowed to maintain their own standing military forces and, in fact, many of them do, but they are still expected to lend their forces to the UDF, should the case of an internal or external attack happen.

Foreign Relations

The NHU has built a strong reputation in the international arena as a defender of non-human (and human) rights. Though at first the alliance was referred to by its enemies as "isolationist", the joining of human-based nations like Daistallia 2104 or Aqua Nation Atlantica proved this accusations wrong.

The NHU has engaged in friendly relations with many nations like Nodea Ruvav and other alliances like the IFTA, some signatories to the KIST and the CACE.

Though a bit left-leaning, the NHU is not based on any particular ideology, other than a strong respect for civil and political rights. Proof of this is the great variety of ideologies inside the NHU, ranging from liberal capitalist, to anti-capitalist socialistic economies.

On many oportunities the NHU has gone long trends to defend the rights of its brethren, confronting fascistoid states on many opportunities.

What the future holds for the NHU is still uncertain, but one thing sure is that it will be referred to as an example of successful and peaceful connivance between different species and ideologies.


Non-humans have suffered much in our world's history. Many non-human nations were oppressive colonies or held hostages at the hands of genocidal human (and sometimes even other non-human) nations. In many countries non-humans are still not allowed the basic rights to live and exist, or the right to preserve their mental and physical integrity, let alone the right to vote or have a share in electoral processes. It's for all these reasons that there have been many attempts of non-human nations to join and merge in an attempt to defend themselves, as minorities in a world with a large human-majority. Many attempts failed, sometimes because of the fault of foreign oppressors, sometimes because of the fault of their own internal differences.

As far as it is known, the first attempt to create an alliance of this kind came from an initiative of a now-disappeared feline nation, the kingdom of Xyloin. The alliance was called Non-Human Alliance and it was based on the now-disappeared continent of Xyloinia (which later became what is today known as Greenfields). The "experiment" lasted a couple of years, almost a decade and, despite the good will of its members, it failed to create a strong economic and political integration.

But these ideas remained in the collective minds of many non-human species and nations for years and, with that ideas in mind is that the second Non-Human Alliance was created, by an initiative from the nation of Red Penguins. The alliance comprised four founder states: Red Penguins, Biotopia, Clangerland and Hell Bovines. For many years the NHU remained a Greenfields-based, small military alliance until, after a Biotopian initiative, its members decided to strive for stronger economic, cultural and political integration and with that purpose the alliance was renamed the Non-Human Union, name that still maintains today.

The NHU leadership was created, with Biotopia as Foreign Minister, Hell Bovines as Interior Minister, Red Penguins as President and Rabid Liberals as Culture Minister. Military, administratorial and political organisms were created, as the alliance or union grew stronger and stronger.

When the alliance hit the 17-nation membership, a never-seen record, it was decided that the structure of the NHU should be made more democratic and so, the NHU Constitution was created, giving power to two strong legislative bodies, a regional duma and a NHU parliament and creating by decree the NHU federal republic, its administrative center.

Nowadays, the future looks hopeful to the NHU. A growing alliance, the NHU will forever strive to protect the rights of its oppressed brethren in the world.

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