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This article deals with Alliance as it relates to NationStates. For more general information, see the Wikipedia article on this subject.

An alliance is a formal or informal collection of nations or regions for the purpose of following a given agenda. Alliances may be formed for either roleplay or gameplay purposes.

Alliances in roleplay

Noble causes

Some states bind together in an 'alliance' around some sort of common cause. Such alliances may not be about cooperating on military matters but instead focus on trying to promote certain values or ideas. A good RL example is the Council of Europe , which promotes Human Rights.

Noble causes in NS:

Military alliances

Many alliances in NationStates focus on the military. Most of these are 'mutual defence' agreements wherin contracting states pledge to defend each other when one of the contracting states is attacked. A full military alliance, on the other hand, also covers mutual support for offensive military action. Some alliances cover all possible foes and will help out for any given reason while other military alliances are only activated against certain foes, or are only valid for the pursuit of certain (stated) goals. What the terms of an alliance are is often in the charter. A good RL example of a military alliance is NATO

Military alliances in NS:

Economic alliances and economic treaties

Some alliances are primarily concerned with matters of economy. These are often not 'alliances' in the traditional sense but rather agreements (such as free trade agreements.). Economic alliances typically promote trade and common welfare of the participants. Some may also pursue certain goals (such as free trade or an anti-capitalist economic system). A good RL example of an economic treaty would be the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). A good example of an economic 'alliance' would be the former European Economic Community.

Economic alliances in NS:

Full political alliances

Some alliances do not limit their cooperation to one sphere (such as the economy or military cooperation) but instead are an umbrella for a wide range of areas of cooperation which may deal, for example, with matters of foreign policy, sharing of technologies or coordinating on certain domestic issues. These are often political alliances that include a mix of the above. Full political alliances may have a military component, but this is not always the case. A good RL example would be the European Union.

Political alliances in NS:

Commonwealths and Federations

Some alliances cooperate so closely that they can technically be percieved as a single nation (often a Federation or Commonwealth). A contemporary RL example is the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro

Commonwealth and Federation-like alliances in NS:

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Alliances in gameplay




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RP or Gameplay?

Alliances of the U.N.

U.N. Alliances

Some countries may choose to ally with other nations based upon their success in passing U.N. resolutions or their influence on other countries in the U.N. These alliances are usually an agreement between a small number of countries.

Ambassador Alliances

U.N. Alliances primarily focused on the betterment of the U.N.

Resolutional Alliances

U.N. Alliances primarily dealing with the furtherment of one resolution. This can be an agreement between 2 nations that "co-author" a resolution.