Aqua Nation Atlantica

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The Republic of Aqua Nation Atlantica
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National Motto: Unity through Strength, Technology and Fairness
Official Languages A form of English liberally interspersed with Russian colloquialisms.
Capital Alpha Orion, Pop 1.8 bln
Tsar Minister William Alexis Andanov
Foreign Minister Lord Foster Kranovitch
 - Total (september 2005)
 - Density

4.684 billion
Government Type Republic
Primary Industries Food, Aquatic Agriculture, Mining, High-tech Manufacturing
Nation Type Republic
National Animal Selki
GDP (2005)
  - Total
  - GDP/capita

GDP Per Capita:S$22,443.39
Currency 1 Royal Aqua Soverign = 100 Bics
Time Zone
International Abbreviations
 - sport
 - government

Naval Craft Classification ANS(Aqua Nations Ship), ANS
Internet TLD .ana
Calling Code +030


The Aqua Nation Atlantica is comprised of a number of counties, each one presided over by a capital sub-sea city . These counties extend out in a three fingered claw, the base of which starts just north of Scotland. The first finger of the claw extends towards the North Pole, even going under the pack ice somewhat. The second finger stretches towards Greenland, going close to Iceland, while the third finger stretches past the other side of Iceland

There is a 'Dead Zone' extending in an oval from the Orkney islands to the coast of the Shetlands, caused by some massive fusion release, caused by what, no one knows. Although sort of clean, no one ventures there, from a deep-rooted psychological fear.

There are two surface towns, one is a major trade center on the island of Jan Mayen and the other is an airbase/Space Research center on the Faeroe Islands.


Primary Industries

Food, Aquatic Agriculture, Mining, High-tech Manufacturing

Primary Exports

High Protein Foods, Sea Foods, Exotic Metals, Base Chemicals, Industrial Chemicals, High Spectrum Chemicals, Medical Goods, Aquatic Engineering Expertise, High Tech Goods, Computer Systems

Primary Imports

Information, Surface Food, Textiles, Refined Ceramics, Luxury Items, Wood,


Around the year 2004, North Sea oil started to run out, the vast reserves that were thought to exist turned out to be nothing more than pockets of gas, or wild speculation by the companies. Soon these companies started to go bust and sell off their surplus equipment in the area. Seeing an opportunity, the farsighted leader of the British Fisheries Commission had most of the old drilling platforms and equipment bought up extremely cheaply. These were then moved to new locations around the coast of Scotland and used as bases to start a vast offshore fish-farming project.

Soon these massive platforms had networks of bubbling fish enclosures (the fish are kept confined by a constant 'net' of ultra fine bubbles and sonic pulses) these were tended by divers working from the platforms, and soon, trained dolphins.

Several years passed and the farms grew to the extent that the platforms could not support the personnel needed to keep the fisheries going. So the Fisheries Commission instigated a plan that utilized the submarine building expertise of the VSEL ship builders in Barrow-in-Furness. Several large pressurized sub-sea habitats were built, using military design technology; these were capable of supporting a large number of men and women in comfortable living conditions. Placed around the main support platform, Orion, the fledgling habitats proved successful. Soon these habitats began spreading, eventually several small-scale seabed towns sprung up around their support platforms. These towns were Orion, Enigma, North Star and Brent. Orion was considered to be the primary seabed town, and as a result also attracted a sizeable research community, as well as developing it's own limited manufacturing ability. This research community started developing some surprisingly hopeful technologies, such things as the Osmatic membrane, a plastic like bio material that separated oxygen from water, and replaced it with carbon dioxide, and a fully functional optical micro processor. Medical wise, further success for the diving community was forthcoming, a new genengineered endorphin was developed, called Dinitrodalin, it prevented unwanted gasses from being absorbed into the human bio system, preventing in one swoop, the occurrence of Nitrogen poisoning (AKA The Bends), and Nitrogen narcosis, a drunk like attitude that comes about with to much nitrogen in the blood stream. As well as looking into the possibilities of deep-sea mining, the advantages of whale ranching were being experimented with. Things were looking up for the fledgling communities, then tragedy struck, the aliens came. Trying to remain unobtrusive below the surface, the support platforms were carefully de-constructed, and the towns became self sufficient from the surface, relying exclusively on the Osmatic Membrane for air…

Then the Pulse came, wiping out electronics and setting off a train of events that ended when a massive fusion detonation that engulfed the island of Orkney and nearly the entirety of the British surface fleet. To this date, the cause of the explosion is unknown.

Being powered by Geo thermal systems eventually it was possible after several hours for some of seafloor towns to come back to a semblance of order, but unfortunately, all contact with Sea town Enigma was lost. It was well within the zone of effect for the detonation. Desperate, and far to busy trying to rebuild their towns electronic systems, the inhabitants could not respond to distress calls coming from the entirety of the globe.

Within a week, things were stabilized and the towns started to notice the chaos around them, thinking themselves safe beneath the waves, they decided to severe all connections with the surface, and went quite, while the rest of the world got on with what they were doing. One thing though did happen, several military submarines were left cold when their electronics died, two British Vanguard Class subs, and three ageing Russian Typhoon Class subs lay on the seabed. Unable to leave the crew to their fate (they were in to deep water for the escape systems) a group of small subs were sent out to rescue the stranded crews. Seeing the state the subs were in, several scientists and techs were sent out and eventually managed to get the subs to limp close to a couple of the sub-sea towns, once there work proceeded to make them safe for habitation.

Now somewhat overcrowded, and with limited manufacturing ability, the towns leadership despaired of ever managing to cope with the expanded population, but, several of the Russians had worked in manufacturing and were able to put together some ad-hock building capabilities. Work slowly progressed on expanding the cities, to slowly, cabin fever was setting in and the fledgling society looked as if it might crumble.

Then help came, a pod of uplifted dolphins, newly escaped from their center became curious about these 'water humans' so their pod leader, Squee Na-quee'sa approached the towns and offered to help, gathering together as many uplifted dolphins as possible, as well as leading the non-uplifted dolphins. With the help of these creatures the undersea Nation was born, and slowly spread to what it is today, although population is small, the territory is quite large, having to encompass the massive whale ranches and spread out deep-sea mining interests. Also, the young are implanted at birth, with a small gene engineered organ that grafts itself onto the liver, this Organ known as the Byron Organ, produces Dinitrodalin naturally, and releases it into the blood stream continuously, making those with this implant, immune to pressure related illness.


March 10, 2010

Without any prior warning, a huge alien spacecraft is detected in near-earth orbit. It ignores all attempts at communication, and a large number of apparently robotic probes and units of various kinds begin appearing all over the face of the earth. While they ignore Mankind at first, as the governments of the earth step up military responses, the alien probes begin to defend themselves.

March 15, 2010

A second alien spacecraft, fully as gigantic as the first, flashes toward the earth, spitting projectile and energy weapons at the first. The moon settlements and the space habitats are destroyed, as a byproduct of the incredible fury of battle, in the first few minutes of battle, and as the hours pass Man's cities are slagged and even vaporized. The probe units furiously construct defensive and offensive armaments and fortifications, and are attacked by similar robotic units from the second ship.

Suddenly, some sort of energy field detonates, and all is still. The probe units fall to the ground, inactive, and the alien spacecraft fall silent. Some sort of electromagnetic pulse, produced by one of the alien spacecraft, perhaps as a last-ditch measure to defend itself, has apparently fried every piece of hardware in the system. And, unfortunately for Man, every piece of electronics hardware on the face of the Earth.

As Mankind struggles to rebuild his civilization, a new threat appears: a virus that brings death in its wake. While it is suspected it was created by Man himself for biowarfare, it proves almost unstoppable... with an 80% initial death rate and a 60% sterility rate, civilization collapses in the space of a few short weeks, and indeed the human race may be on its way to join the dinosaur...

March 10, 2085

The dawning of a new age, as new nations prepare themselves for the challenges of a new world... a world where the superpowers of yesterday are gone, and where the secrets of alien technology offer a range of new and exciting possibilities. A world where many of the lessons of the past have been learned, such as the need for ecologically-sound industry, but where others have been forgotten: such as the foolishness of conquest. New societies have come into being, built from the ashes of total collapse 75 years earlier, and founded on new factors such as the very real threat of human extinction, and the preciousness of human fertility. Man is now aware that there are other intelligences in the Universe, but cannot know when, if ever, they may return... and how.

International Organisations

ANA has never been a member of the United Nations, and while sometimes it finds its causes usefull and even cooperates with several UN organisations through the UN office it still disdains from joining this body and disregards it whenever its intrests are threatened.


United Nations organisations