Rejistanian terms in sports

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This page exists to explain some terms, RejisCAST and other Rejistanian media uses in its reports:

heven vs divisasi: a heven is a league-level, it can be one league, like the H1SR, but can be regionally separated into countless of regional divisions, these divisions are divisasi. While the H1SR has no divisasi, the H2SR consists of 4 of them and the H3SR of 8 divisasi'ny. In rejistanian, the divisasi is written first: The DKH2SR is the "divisasi kamex heven xi'het sekhika rejistaniha" the "gray divisasi of the 2nd league of rejistani soccer".

vinali tikira: third place playoff (in the first Cup of Harmony, this term was officially used)

kanvali'het: qualification

la'kanvali: qualified. The Rejistanians use the qualification of the Orange-Blues as excuse to party.

xkora: goal (derived from the English term 'score'), to concede is "'lehiju" (see: lehiju'ny)

Han'il, Rejistania!: Onwards, Rejistania! At least in the Internet Relay Chat, this is often used/parodied by other players

hetaki/divensi: Attack/defense

heven vs xamjona'het: A xamjona'het is a tournament which has an elimination-stage.

Sistenha Karela vs Sistenha Jesejil: While abroad everyone thinks everything more defensive than normal is karelan, the rejistanis have different terms for different levels of defensiveness. While 5-4-1 is seen as karelan by foreigners, this is Sistenha Jesejil in Rejistania.

Takil'he vs Sistenha Takil: It might be noted that System Takil is not liked by Laxtu Takil. In Rejistania, Takil'he tends to sue if Takil is overused in the sense of attack.