Shannon Coles

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Shannon Coles
Place of Birth
Southland, Confederation of Sovereign States
Press Secretary to the President of the Confederation of Sovereign States
Term in Office
2004 -

Shannon Coles was raised in a strict fundamentalist Christian home in a rural district of Southland. Her parents sent her to Zion Christian University, where she majored in communications. In her second year at ZCU, Shannon broke with her parents. She transferred to the University of Jefferson in New Virginia. She paid for her education by working as an intern at Liberty House Multimedia. There, her enthusiasm and hard work brought her notice from Liberty House manager Rihards Krauklis.

While a student at UofJ, Shannon also became active in Liberty Party politics. After graduation in 1997, she went to work as an intern for Congressman Ilmars Alderson. She became a paid staff member in 1998. When Alderson ran for the presidency in 2000, Shannon served as deputy press secretary. After Alderson's election as President of the Confederation, Shannon went on to work in a variety of campaigns. During those campaigns, she cultivated a close relationship with her old employer, media heavyweight Liberty House Multimedia. Through those connections, she met and began a brief fling with Thomas Caine, a board member of Liberty House's parent company, CE.

In 2004, she returned to work on Alderson's re-election campaign as deputy campaign manager. Shortly after the start of the campaign, however, the campaign manager suffered a heart attack and Shannon replaced him as Alderson's campaign manager. When Caine launched a surprise presidential campaign by challenging Alderson and winning the Liberty Party nomination, Shannon left the Alderson campaign and joined Caine as his campaign manager.

After Caine won the election over a number of candidates, including write-in candidate Alderson, he named Shannon his press secretary and director of communications.

Shannon has often been rumoured to be carrying on romantic relationship with President Caine and has been rumoured to be a member of the Knootian Order of the Invisible Hand.