Sisgardian Fellowship of Nations

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Sisgardian Fellowship of Nations
Headquarters: Sisgardia
Members: ---
Type: Regional Integration
Forum: Sisgardian Regional Boards

The Sisgardian Fellowship of Nations is one of the oldest alliances in the NationStates universe that is still active nowadays. It is a regional organisation aimed at increasing cooperation between various nations of Sisgardia. Whilst it promotes such values as common defence, free trade and free circulation of goods and passengers, the SFN has no written charter, the relationship between the member nations left to their own sense of responsibility and dedication to regional prosperity, stability and security.

The SFN does not impose any constraints on neither on the foreign nor interior policies of the members, which led it to feature a great array of various nations with completely different political structures and views of the world, from highly militaristic nations such as Tarasovka to pacifist nations such as CairnTarra.