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Forum: Sisgardian HQs
Population: 21 nations
Delegate: Diablo_NL
Founder: Technocratic Republics
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Region Information

Current Regional Population: 65,573,000,000 (25 October 2005)
Regional Area: 35,000,000 sq miles
Average Density: 1,873 habs per sq mile

General Information


Sisgardia is composed by three main contients: Northlands, Central Sisgardia and Southern Sisgardia. Northlands mainly a group of islands and one mayor subcontinent. It is divided in the following regions: Aphyr, Handalar, Amesthir, Tavaroth, Thul Alard, and the Northern and Eastern Shattering. The nations of Alterack and Tarasovka hold claims in this continent. Central Sisgardia is the core of the region, and the one with the highest density of population and most urbanized. It is composed of three subcontinents and small groups of islands. It is divided in the following regions: Sigodia, Valakia, Tarvalak, Cardinia, Dakathia, Zar Kaeloth, Heffescia, Antedammia, Sisgardian Highlands, Utharian Peninsula, Ironhook Peninsula, Island of Sadria, and the Southern Shattering. The nations of Alterack, Der Angst, Tarasovka, Technocratic Republics, Zethkur, Pilon and North-West Antarctica hold claims in this continent. Southern Sisgardia is composed by a main continent, two subcontinents and a myriad of islands. It is divided in the following regions: Kaszidra, Ath-Olad, Eastern Hithion, Western Hithion, Kalambria, Nubaracg, Nessanor, Falkadria, Khul'Balath, Phadabros, Dokthoria, Parvator, Gargaroth, Windust Islands, Islands of Sibion and the Hollow Island. The nations of Taurenor, Aerion, Lun Noir, Zigaroth, Compound Interest, Konania, Der Angst, CairnTarra, and Nephtali hold claims in this continent.


Sisgardia is a region of great contrasts. While areas such as Central Sisgardia are a utopia of urbanization and large-scale construction, the southern lands are place of great and lush forest and wide expances of free land. The massive amount of population located in the central areas of the region have turned it into a zone of massive, all-encompassing metropolises of mile-high towers and gigantic arcologies. Nature is practically non-existant here, where every bit of land, and large amounts of sea, lie covered in cities. The sole exception to this is the south-western area of Central Sisgardia, where people have chosen to live underground in order to keep the surface from being destroyed. Northlands and Southern Sisgardia, on the other hands, still keep good levels of space and nature. With the exception of the Northern Shattering, where the land and sea lie dead and corrupted from the black energies of Alterack, nature grows freely.


As with it's enviroment, Sisgardia has a very wide spectrum of cultural traits. The predominat characteristic that most nations here share is the great development of science and technology (even though, there are nations that are in different states of advancement), but this is as far as it goes. From one extreme to another, nations lie located in various states of cultural and social development. Extreme examples are the nations of Alterack and Zigaroth, the former being a nation dominated by the undead and black energies, while the later is a heavenly realm where angels fly freely. On another side we have nations such as CairnTarra and North West Antarctica, concerner primarily by the well being of nature, while others such as Der Angst and Technocratic Republics are places where nature has since long ago ceased to exist, replaced by massive supercities, the later being also a nation rich in powerful and sometimes bizarre magic. There is also Taurenor, with it's seemingly endless pine forests and tall spires, inhabited by the mystic elves. Or lands were psionics rule the lifes of their people, such as Zethkur and the previously mentioned Der Angst. The fiercely martial and diciplined lands of Tarasovka, or the arcology-dominated Pilon, and much more. All in all, Sisgardia is a place of variety and were the most unthinkable ideologies exist together in a solid state of peace and prosperity.


Sisgardia is home to the World Technological Entity, an organism that seeks to promote free exchange and open research of new sciences and technologies. The development of Sisgardia as a super technological region goes by hand with the growth and prosperity of the WTE.

The Sisgardian Fellowship of Nations, counted among the oldest organisations in the world, originally a mutual defense treaty that has developed in a forum of multilateral cooperation in areas such as trade and diplomacy, is the main organisation that keeps Sisgardia united. Although nations that have claims in the region are not forced to join such organization, membership is encouraged. The SFN works closely with the WTE, to the point of granting special benefits to nations with membership in both.

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