Sociaal-Liberale Partij

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Sociaal-Liberale Partij
Established 1960s
Economic ideology Social Liberalism
Social ideology Libertarian
Party leader Jan Willem Daatman
Seats 59
Motto Knootian Values

The Social Liberal Party (SLP) is a centrist liberal party with a strong socially libertarian tradition. The party is economically liberal, though its members do not agree on what exactly this means and there are factions within the party of different points of view from the neoliberal former minister of economic affairs Laurens-Jan Brinkhorst to the almost libertarian socialist former Prime Minister Lousewies van der Laan. The party is united on social issues and embraces individualism as the way forward. Militant anticlericalism is popular within the party, which has been in government in almost all coalitions, and is usually free to pick the greens or conservatives to govern with. It is currently in government with the greens.

Stances on issues

Economic issues

  • Economic regulation: Increase public services, reduce regulation
  • Income tax: Flat rate, low percentage
  • Unemployment rate: Increase efforts to attract foreign investment

Social issues

  • Abortion: Support a woman's right to choose
  • Death penalty: Opposed
  • Euthanasia: Favours existing policies
  • Gay marriage: Support
  • Prostitution: Deregulate
  • Welfare: Expand welfare to cover those in need

Foreign policy

  • Alliances: VERITAS and Concordat-based collactive security, improve bilateral relations
  • Defence: Maintain current levels of spending
  • Diplomacy: Erratic
  • Immigration: Abolish quotas
  • Rejoining the United Nations: Tentatively opposed
  • Religious beliefs: Separation of church and state, discourage 'dangerous' religions

Notable SLP members