Sophie Maranneglore Lakourse

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Sophie Maranneglore Lakourse, also known under her Chicoutim name Sofi Marani-Oudèle Lakourse, (May 8th, 1820 -March 17th, 1927) was a Cikoutimian author and poet. She is widely regarded as the most influental Cikoutimian artist of all time.

Her poem "Cikoutimi, Tou Pey Amounien" became the basis of the Cikoutimian national anthem, and a line from said poem ultimately inspired the Cikoutimian national motto.

Additionally, she was the longest living Cikoutimian (by official records) until 1996, when Ariane Demoule celebrated her 108th birthday.


Sophie Lakourse was born in 1820 to Matou and Mari Dasounne, who owned a bakery in Lème.