The Flying Nation in the Sky

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The Flying Nation in the Sky
Forum: [1]
Population: 8 nations
Delegate: Rioki
Founder: Hellshadow
Info: NSEconomy RC XML


The Flying Nation in the Sky, or FNS, is a region that floats in the skies using forgotten technologies. The region is only a shadow of it's former glory, down from the days when it had over 20 members. However, many of the older members have returned to the FNS and the FNS is regaining the level of power that it formerly enjoyed. Currently, the FNS contains the nations of Rioki, A Crazy Wacko Redhead, Perditions Peace, Walther Realized, Witty Nation Names, Zealous Splendor, Givehimthestick, and Serenity Through Khaos. Currently, only one of the founders, Mito Rioki, lives on in his original nation, however, James Katt leads a newer nation Witty Nation Names.


Foundation of the FNS

The FNS was founded on July 19, 2003 by four people, Mito Rioki, Lexington Prongs, James Katt, and a woman known as Informercials. Originally, the FNS was meant to be a single flying nation, co-ruled by all four of the founders, but that was not to be. The founders quickly realized that they were utterly unable to agree on national policies and decided to split the nation into four pieces. The treacherous mountains of Hellshadow were given to Prongs, the harsh tundras of Reformed Norway were taken by Katt, Informercials claimed the urban jungle of Olajon and renamed it in her own name. The last part of the region, the plains of Jellack, were assumed by Mito, who changed it into the nation of Rioki. However, the four founders still decided to collaborate together and formed the region of The Flying Nation in the Sky with their nations. Prongs was made the founder of the region and Rioki was made the UN delegate.

FNS during 2003

FNS during 2004

Riokian War

The Riokian War started abruptly in April of 2005. Walther and Octavius declared war on Rioki over issues such as UN membership. In retaliation, Rioki evacuated his people to space colonies and called upon the UN to provide support. The UN responded by sending several small nations, the most significant of these being Space Union. Purple Pandas Mark II also joined Rioki's side, however, Red and his nation joined Walther and Octavius's newly formed Inquisitorial Triumverate. Soon, the Inquisitorial Triumverate forces invaded, led by Red's conscripts and blondes. Since Rioki's allies were rapidly withdrawing support, he entered negotiations with Inquisitorial Triumverate leaders. As Red's first forces collided with Rioki's, the war suddenly ended with the Treaty of Riokianai. Under the terms of the treaty, the war would stop immediately, all military forces would be recalled, and all members of the FNS would withdraw from the UN.

FNS during mid-late 2005

In the aftermath of the Riokian War, Octavius was forced to move to the Red Army due to his responsibility for the start of the war. Walther, Rioki and, Red spent most of the rest of the year talking about random topics and in Walther and Red's case, discussing more wars that they would start.

FNS during 2006

During this time, the FNS began to lose its final members. Eventually, only Rioki and A Crazy Wacko Redhead were left in the Flying Nation of the Sky. Mito Rioki and Red spent their time reminiscing about the days of glory while they watched their nations grow.

Present Times

Currently, the region has no UN delegate due to the Treaty of Riokianai. Recently, many older nations such as Walter Atkinson, Octavius Paenite, and even one of the founders, Reformed Norway, have returned under new nations. In addition, the nation of Zealous Splendor has joined and is now competing with Rioki in Civil Rights and Political Rights. Naturally, the renewed presence of the Inquisitorial Triumverate members has encouraged a militaristic streak in the region. The Inquisitorial Triumverate members are currently seeking a war of any sort, which has prompted a proposal for reviving the tradition of military war-games.

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