The Old Raiding Club

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The Old Raiding Club
Forum: None
Population: 32 nations
Delegate: The TORC doorman
Founder: The Artful Dodger
Info: NSEconomy RC XML

Now a thriving bar with its famous drinks on the house policy, this large and discrete clubhouse was originally going to be called The Ille de France Club. Home to some, refuge for many, The Old Raiding Club is the place to trade intel, spread rumour, recruit, relax and unwind. Patrons are encouraged to tip the doorman when they leave. Tradition has it, that it is unlucky to enjoy the hospitality without leaving a posting.

The History of TORC

No information about previous events is avaliable...

On 15th August 2005, when the Artful Dodger was about to cease its existance, TORC was invaded by defenders from Alliance Defense Network. Some other defenders (it seems that many if not all of them were from Red Liberty Alliance) came to oppose the fellow defenders from ADN, and a single invader (a freelancer at that time) Dark Celene also saw fit to join the battle and defend TORC from ADN. The defenders of TORC won the first battle, forcing Crazy Girl (an invasion lead from ADN, who acted through the puppet nation of Silent Wolf) to retreat. A few days later, however, invading defenders from ADN returned, and this time other defenders failed to come on TORC's aid. Thus began the ADN occupation of TORC, which laster for about two weeks.

When soldiers from ADN finally left TORC, the residents of TORC were about to breath easily... Too early, from the look of things. This time, it weren't defenders who struck against TORC, but rogue raiders from Arrseonia. This time, however, the occupation lasted for but a few days, as rogue raiders quickly realized that this invasion would make them more enemies then they can handle and quickly withdrew their forces from TORC. So far, other invaders seem to have left Arrseonia alone... But only time will tell what happens when Arrseonia's founder will cease its existance.

Now the time of invasions into TORC have passed, and the residents of TORC currently enjoy peace under the watchful eyes of the Scribe of Alphaks and the TORC doorman.