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Zhang Jiao

Basic Facts

Spouse: Khallayne Jiao

Children: Reese Jiao, Bron Jiao, Angela Jiao, Cameron Jiao (Later Emperor Cameron I (The Founder))

Born: Unknown

Ascended to Yellow Heaven: 5 N.E.

Kingdom Founded: Khallayne

Religion Based of Teachings: The Holy Order of The Way of Peace


The Holy Books and Texts and Folklore of The Holy Order of The Way of Peace has obscured and hidden the true man behind the founder of the greatest political-religious revolution in the history of Khallayne. What is agreed on is that Zhang Jiao was born a poor peasant in the town of Miera (modern day Evenport) and was according to tradition abused and neglected by all except for the woman who would one day be his wife Khallayne Piero, who married him at the age of 20 when he was 15. The marriage was controversial and they fled Miera for their lives.

Much later when Zhang Jiao was meditating on Portus Hill (now a major Holy Site) on the suffering he and his wife had endured and on the corruption of the world around him. For Zhang Jiao had been born in the Ambernost Empire in the twilight of it's glory days, when it's Kings were one right after the other indulging in decadant lifestyles and killing and abusing the population for the fun of it.

On that day, Zhang Jiao the man died and was reborn the Prophet. He was given a vision of Yellow Heaven and shown the true path of Purification (or Enlightenment) and shown the truth, that he was predesended to overthrow the Ambernost Empire and establish a Dynasty who's descendants would rule a new nation for all eternity.

The Prophet accepted the burden and became Yellow Heaven's tool, first he spread his new religious teachings across the Empire and within 10 years had converted over 2/3rds of the population. Then in a near-bloodless coup he convinced the Generals of Ambernost to kill the King Briss VII (who was the worst of all the Ambernost Kings) and establish the Prophet and his new religion as the new order of the New Empire.

But the Prophet just after five years of ruleship over his new Empire chose to ascend to Yellow Heaven early because he grew weary of mortal flesh. His son Cameron became his heir and named the Empire after his mother Khallayne. And so it remains to this day, and it also remains that the Empire has been ruled by Four Dynasties and all are direct decendants of the Prophet Himself, Hallowed be the Prophet, a man so holy that the Purifiers refused to write his name down and speak the name Zhang Jiao only in their most sacred Prayers.