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Vogelskop is the name of a mountain pass in Tanah Burung in Loro Sae. The mountain pass was originally named after the Vogels family; a well-known political dynasty in Knootoss.Nowadays it is known as Kepala Burung.

Battle of Vogelskop

The famous Battle of Vogelskop was the only major engagement of the Loro Sae militias during the Burungi struggle for independence It is celebrated in Loro Sae songs as the heroic holding of a mountain pass against superior numbers. Recent research indicates that after an initial assault was thrown back, native conscripts among the Knootian forces simply refused to fight any longer against the "sorcerers" of Loro Sae: here, symbols of mystical potency were displayed to good effect by the defenders. Rumbiak's legendary sexual prowess was said to confer invulnerabiltiy upon those who fought under his banner. Scientifically, of course, this is a fiction. But psychologically, such beliefs carry great power. And so, however short of the legends it falls, the battle was won and Rumbiak had the victory that gave him a place in the revolutionary councils among the other fighters.