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The idea of a "World Court", that is, a place of arbitration among nations to settle disputes rather than by arms, has had a long and turbulent career withing the NS universe itself - which is somewhat ironic.

There are several examples of different nations or alliances that have, at one time or another, started the concept only to have it wither away after. Usually this would happen once a current crisis was dealt with and then a period of calm would ensure. Or usually some nations refuse to recognize the jurisdiction, and therefore accept any binding decision, of a world court over their own sovereignty. Other criticisms of the world court concept have been that the mechanism is too unweildy and that a simplier process - such as an arbitration council - be used.

Various World Court incarnations

This list is by no means exhaustive nor in strict chronological order.

  • World Court - Vrak

Perhaps one of the earlier examples was when Vrak, along with assistance from several FKC member states including: Alcona and Hubris, Dukratus, and Dyelli Beybi and outside help from Scolopendra and Angelus agreed to host a World Court to stave off a war between Menelmacar and Christofi. The results were inconclusive since Menelmacar, the primary grieved party in this instance, refused to show up.

  • World Court - NCWC

Began by Ur an Ass after the preceding world court, it too faded away.

  • World Court - ICEL

The EOTED had their own version of a world court and offered their services in a number of instances. However, some resistance was encountered which perhaps was due to the international profile of the EOTED, now the ICEL, at the time.