2 Miles Past Nowhere

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Besides being the origins of the famous 2 Miles Past Nowhere Pact, the namesake region begun by Padmez is deeply entrenched in NS history.

From a roleplay perspective, the 2MPN Pact marked the beginning of the GDODAD's glory days, clearly delineating between the pro- and anti-GDODAD forces.

From a gameplay perspective, 2 Miles Past Nowhere, in it's last days as a living region, became the focal point for the clash of other alliances - namely, TITO and The DEN. Scribe of Alphaks, DEN HQ writes:

"DEN's first victory occurred in the region of 2 Miles Past Nowhere (not Furry, as has been widely reported. Furry was our second victory.) The responding defender organizations included the RRA and TITO. This operation was the beginning of the feud between DEN and 10K, in as much as TITO was highly-critical of our growing organization during the raid. The relationship between DEN and TITO has soured ever since, and became all-out war following Founder Grub's deletion..."

Ironically, despite being the hotbed of major, longstanding feuds in both roleplaying and gameplaying alliances, 2 miles past nowhere was never a roleplaying, attacking or defending region.

After these major events, which spanned January 2003 to sometime in mid 2004, 2 miles past nowhere faded into nothing. It's founder, Padmez, retired to the region Free Trade Zone.