Global Dominion of Dictators Against Democracy

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Headquarters: The Underwater Bubble
Members: unknown
Type: World Domination
Forum: unknown

The Global Dominion of Dictators Against Democracy" (GDODAD) was one of the first major "evil" alliances, its major founding powers include The Silver Turtle. It is founded on the principle that dictators must band together to fight the democracies of the world, as is evident from its name. Among its goals are the obliteration of democracy and world domination, as is also expressed in its name.


GDODAD has had among its members throughout its varied history such feared nations as The Brotherhood of Nod and Klamath. It has dissolved from inactivity several times (although that is up for debate) and is currently defunct.

Last Known Active Members


GDODAD initiated two world wars in between the Death of Bisons and the Amerigan War, generally labelled WWIV and WWV. Many of the members of GDODAD resided in a region called The Underwater Bubble, and claimed physical residence there, surprisingly, and contrary to propoganda, the GDODAD did not claim imunity to invasion and/or attack because of this. In a daring move, one nation moved to the UWB and destroyed it from the inside in a nuclear catastrophe of truly epic - one might say tragic - proportions, while claiming that their entire population had been exacuated minutes before the explosion, and that the GDODAD had not known of the attack. Accusations of godmoding on the part of both the suiciding nation and GDODAD flew like feathers out of a jet engine.

Post-incident: Credibility gone

After this incident, GDODAD lost most of its credibility in the role playing community. Steel Butterfly, a non-underwater bubble nation who had been slowly rising through the GDODAD ranks, grabbed complete control thanks to inactivity on the part of The Silver Turtle and The Brotherhood of Nod. Steel Butterfly had already risen to the level of the public face of the GDODAD, as well as the driving force behind the scenes. Renaming the GDODAD "The Dominion" as to give it a new outlook, Steel Butterfly brought on a tempest of instant revisions to the GDODAD charter, ultimately tossing it out to begin anew. However, the less extreme reforms of Lord Christopher Scott were chosen instead, and so Steel Butterfly abruptly left the GDODAD. Many nations followed, and the GDODAD ceased to exist for quite some time. Between the Underwater Bubble incident and the Steel Butterfly departure, GDODAD became the owner of the largest fall from grace from any alliance.


Afterwards, a subsequent and somewhat related organization called GOD was founded by Danneland. A previous GDODAD member, Barbarosea, rose through the GOD ranks, and it eventually merged with the GDODAD, as almost half of its members were from the then-defunct GDODAD. GDODAD leaders (namely TST) worked to bring GDODAD back onto the world stage in its next incarnation. The organisation also invaded Knootoss during the Shadow War in an attempt to overthrow democracy (Although several other non-aligned nations participated on both sides).

Eventually, GDODAD became a part of Metus, losing significant parts of its independence, while staying under the protection of Melkor Unchained. Nonetheless, the dormant capabilities of GDODAD were still significant. After the slow death of The Silver Turtle and Barbarosea, the GDODAD was disbanded, perhapes never to return again. However, it will always be remembered on Nationstates as an allience of once great power.