Admiraal Bronckhorst

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Admiraal Hans Bronckhorst
Marine, Knootian Defence Force
Admiraal (Admiral)
KDF Observer Battlegroup Fleet West Atlantic

Admiral Hans Bronckhorst has served in the Marine (Navy) of the Knootian Defence Force for almost three decades. His military record is positive about his abilities to command, but otherwise unremarkable. Bronckhorst is a widower, with 1 child and one grandchild. He is not politically active.

After completing the Republican Naval Academy he was assigned to a Zeedier-class submarine patrolling off the coast of the Reich as part of SATO readiness measures. The missions he participated in as Vaandrig are still classified.

Brockhorst served with distinction and was promoted to the rank of Luitenant-Commandeur and transferred to the frigate KDF Meerwaarde guarding the coast of Knootian Colombia. Shortly before the outbreak of the Shadow War, Bronckhorst was promoted to Kapitein and assigned as the Commanding Officer of the newly constructed cruiser KDF Licht van het Westen as part of the combined Knootian/Clangerland battlefleet that was to take part in the invasion of Arda to overthrow Melkor and his seat of evil. However, for reasons not yet clear, the fleet was ordered back shortly before the Shadow War erupted.

Brockhorst continued to served on the Licht van het Westen, both in the waters surrounding Knootian Colombia and as part of the escort battlegroup in Operation Tempo Doeloe, where he served as commanding liaison with the rank of Vloot Kapitein.

After being selected to head the Arctic journey of KDF Observer Battlegroup Fleet West Atlantic to the waters west of Excalbia he was promoted to the rank of Admiral for the purpose of the mission, as all others of that rank were already assigned to various other duties.