Aerionian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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The Royal Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the Aerionian Royal Government department charged with managing Aerion's foreign relations. It employees both Civil Service and Diplomatic Service personnel. It is headquartered in the large Esolina Palace along with other Royal Government offices.


Top Level

Lady High Chancellor - Ceremonial Head of the Ministry
Minister of Foreign Affairs - Political Head of the Ministry, Foreign Minister
Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs - Assists Minister in overall management of the Ministry
Permanent Secretary - Professional Head of the Ministry

Major Offices

  • Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs - The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, along with the Permanent Secretary is in charge of the overall management of the department. He is second ranking in the Ministry, and steps in if the Minister of Foreign Affairs is not available. Several Assistant Ministers report to him, and offices.
    • Permanent Secretariat
      • Foreign Affairs Operation Center
    • Strategy and Information
    • Press Office
    • Office of Protocol
    • Office of the Legal Adviser
    • Finance Office
    • Office of Management
    • Bureau of Intelligence and Research
    • Bureau of Resource Management

  • Deputy Minister for Political Affairs - The Deputy Minister for Political Affairs heads His Majesty's Diplomatic Service personnel from the Ministry, and coordinates the diplomatic missions of Aerion abroad. He is the day-to-day manager on foreign policy issues.
    • Bureau of Political-Military Affairs
    • Office of International Organizations
    • Office of International Treaties
    • Bureau of International Security and Arms Control
    • Bureau of International Environment and Scientific Affairs
    • Office of the Aerionian Trade Representative
    • Ambassador-At-Large for International Peace
    • Ambassador-At-Large for War Issues

  • Deputy Minister for Management - The Deputy Minister for Management manages the physical resources, personnel, and budget as well as ensures the day-to-day running of the ministry's operations at home and overseas.
    • Bureau of Administration Coordination
    • Bureau of Consular Services
    • Bureau of Diplomatic Security
    • Foreign Affairs Training Institute
    • Bureau of Information Technology
    • Bureau of Overseas Buildings & Resources
    • Bureau of Human Resources
    • Medical Services
    • Emergency Crisis Management

  • Deputy Minister for Public Diplomacy - In charge of projecting a positive image about Aerion to the public abroad. Administers, and encourages cultural exchange programs.
    • Bureau of Educational & Cultural Affairs
    • Bureau of Public Affairs
    • Bureau of Cultural Exchange
    • Aerionian Institute

Foreign Affairs Operation Center

The Foreign Affairs Operation Center is the Ministry's communications, crisis management, and news center. It is up and running 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It prepared briefings for the Lady High Chancellor, Minister, Deputy Minister and Ministry officials. It is part of the Permanent Secretariat.

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