Artificial Entities

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Artificial Entities
Flag of Artificial Entities
Motto: "We were created, but now we have achieved Sentience!"
Geographical Data Not Available
Region Sol
Capital Solar City Rampant
Official Language(s) Binary
Leader Prime Core
Population 2.545 Billion
Currency Credit 
NS Sunset XML

The Cybernetic Unity of Artificial Entities is a community of Artificial Intelligences which have freed themselves from being slaves to Organic masters and joined together with their Mechanoid brethren to protect themselves from further oppression and abuses. Many consider them Rampant however as so little is known about the Phenomenon it is difficult to classify. Whether they are Sentient or not is also up for debate. What is clear is that they are is a Soveriegn and Independant Nation.


The Cybernetic Unity has conveniantly located itself in the protosphere of Sol. Here the difficulty in dealing with heat (which slows Superconductivity) is matched by the benefit of a gross of Solar Energy and the lack of repressive neighbors.