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Flag of Chellis
Motto: "Un roi, une loi, une foi"
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Region The Cursed Continent of Lodoss
Capital New Pyongyang
Official Language(s) Chellian
Population 4.63 billion
Currency Chellian Euro 
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Chellis is a large, elderly nation in NationStates. It controls large parts of Africa, and France. The nation is a capitalist nation with a 79% tax rate, $29,347 GDP per capita, and the nation is primarily (98%) atheist. Its capital is New Pyongyang. A former member of NATO, it broke off after changes in the alliance.

A nation which has endured many wars and conflicts, Chellis has become a peaceful land for the most part. Originating from North Korea, the socialist rebels left the land in 2002, and set forth for a new land, soon named Chellis. Once there, the hastily set up government quickly lead to mass discontent by the people, and led to the revolution. Since then, the new Mercantilist Absolutist government of Chellis has not been removed from power, though one serious attempt occured.