Church of Franshwa

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The logo of the Church of Franshwa
Founded: 1673 (STS) in Templ Sonilos, Weinersteinston
Holy sites: Katidrall - Templ Sonilos, Weinersteinston

Temple of Fanhas - southern tip of the island Ivor, Nova Pastocia

L'Ile Sainte de Franshwa - , Terre Argente

Rock of the Rahna - Eastern Star Warsia

Figures: Fasa Jonhes VI is the current Fasa, Fahso Franshwa is known as their messiah
Status: Practiced throughout PEEL
Practiced in





Nova Pastocia

Terre Argente

Star Warsia

Parts of North West Points and the Western Spur, amoung other parts of PEEL not listed above

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