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Nation: Ethan Smith
Function: Capital of Cornith County
Population: 10,915,376
Leader: Ethan Smith
The Skyline of Cornith from the northern side
Cornith is the capital of Cornith County. It lies at the confluence of the Long River and the Aorata River near the center of Ethan Smith. With a population of almost 11 million and an area of about 50 square miles, it is the second largest city in Ethan Smith after Ethania.

Having a history of almost two millennia makes Cornith the historical and cultural capital of Ethan Smith. Almost 20 million people visit yearly to Cornith's famous attractions such as: the Cornith TV Tower, the Cornith Museum, Cornith Train Station, Cornith Park, North Square, Capital Park, Nizu's Palace, and the Cornith Caves, just outside of Cornith.


The first signs of Cornith are from the Cornith Caves. Cave carvings show that the area has been inhabited for nearly 2500 years. Being so old, it is considered the oldest city in Ethan Smith. It used to be only a small hamlet nestled in the foothills of the Greater Chomla Mountains until the Chells people came to be in the 1st century B.C. The Chells conquered Cornith's surrounding area which caused much disturbance for Ethan Smith. Wangi, the king of the Chells, ruled the taken land. Although he established a currency and a standard measurement system, he forbade anyone to disagree with his beliefs and ideas. He ruled for only sixteen years because he died of mercury poisoning by his employee.

Nizu came to power in the 1st century A.D. and spread much reform over Ethan Smith from his capital in Cornith. Ocean trading was at its peak; literature, painting, and other arts all grew to extraordinary levels of importance, and Cornith was the center of it all. Nizu's Palace is still standing and is a major tourist attraction in Cornith.

Around 1000 A.D., barbarians landed on the southeastern coast of Ethan Smith, known today as Lahoyia Beach, and invaded Ethan Smith. Cornith was sacked by the barbarians and the capital was moved to Martinos. Almost a century of foreign rule, Lahoyia Ponchbart led a revolt against the invaders, now known as the Lahoyia Uprising. Years of fighting took place, and finally the barbarians left Ethan Smith. The current Great Land of Ethan Smith was formed on November 29, 1081, Ethan Smith's Independence Day.

A view of the Cornith TV Tower
Cornith hasn't changed much in the last millennium. It has got increasingly bigger in terms of population. During the 1500 and 1600s, Pastafarianism gained popularity in Cornith. This trend spread through Ethan Smith. Now Ethan Smith is 99% Pastafarian. Neither the coup in 1936, nor the coup in 1972 affected Cornith that much. The Cornith TV Tower was built in 1957 and is 150 meters (50 feet) tall. It serves the city's television and formerly radio signals. Although not the capital, it still holds the title of Ethan Smith's First City.

Geography & Climate


Map of Cornith
Cornith is at the merging of the Long River from the east, and the Aorata River coming from the southeast. Both meet and move in a northwesterly direction. Cornith is relatively flat, but being at the foothills of the Greater Chomla Mountains makes some parts of the city hilly, especially the eastern half of the city.


Cornith has a temperate climate, rarely seeing extremely high or extremely low temperatures. The coldest time of the year is around January and the hottest around August. Parks are filled with people for outdoor activities because of the mild temperatures in the summer. While in the winter, people go to ice skating rinks and sled down the slippery slopes in the numerous parks.

Rainfall is spread out through the year, with about five inches (100mm) every month. Cornith is known for its spontaneous rain showers which can occur any time of the year. Snowfall is rare, only happening a few times a year. It rarely accumulates enough snow to cover the ground for a few days.

Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Avg high °C (°F) 7 (45) 9 (49) 13 (56) 16 (61) 20 (68) 23 (73) 24 (75) 25 (77) 21 (71) 15 (59) 9 (49) 8 (47) 15 (59)
Avg low temperature °C (°F) 4 (39) 4 (39) 6 (45) 9 (49) 12 (54) 15 (60) 16 (61) 16 (61) 12 (54) 8 (46) 4 (39) 4 (36) 7 (45)


Cornith Transit System (CTS)

The Cornith Train Station serves the city's chief rail transportation hub. Frequent trips to and from Ethania make commuting between the two cities shorter and faster. Cornith's domestic airport handles flights around Ethan Smith. The Cornith Transit System (CTS) is the main mode of transportation for Cornithians. The transit system uses an identity card system. You swipe your I.D. and it will deduct the fare directly from your bank account.