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Nation: Antrium
Function: Heavy industry and manufacturing
Population: 3,124,702
Mayor: Néovo Asûrbrégo

Devros is a city in southwestern Antrium, in the province of Soréto. Devros is known for being the manufacturing capital of Antrium, with the majority of its 3 million citizens working in factory jobs. It is one of Antrium's fastest growing cities, and the country's third largest city, following Sivaris and Corico.


Devros was founded in 1725, by explorer Sréàlo Devros, for whom the city is named. It was incorporated into the country of American Federalist at the time of its founding in 1776. It was a fairly small town until the Industrial Revolution in the 1800s, when many factories came to Devros for its location on the Saint-Sébastien River. It has continued to grow very quickly since then.

It was out of the way of most of the violence in the American Federalist/Riconiaa Refugee Crisis and many refugees fled to the Devros area. Shortly after, during the founding of Antrium, it was one of Soréto's two candidates for capital of Antrium. It was eliminated in the first round, favoring Soréto's other candidate of Balton. They both ultimately lost to the current capital of Sivaris.

City of Devros
Population by year
1750 6,117
1800 46,908
1850 341,880
1900 702,916
1920 994,821
1940 1,323,852
1960 1,934,225
1980 2,409,233
2000 2,799,664
2006 3,124,702


Devros is situated in the highlands of southern Antrium, on the Saint-Sébastien River. There are some large hills on the outskirts of the city, but the city itself is mostly flat, with the exception of Bàrklan Hill, the highest point in the city.


The primary industry of Devros is manufacturing and heavy industry. Companies like Sivaris-based auto manufacturers MTA and Antejar Motor Company have large factories in Devros. Other notable companies include Gréàrgo Steel and Lantrak Tires.


Due to its industry-based economy, pollution is a problem in Devros. The city promotes carpooling through carpool lanes on many major roads and discounted parking for carpools. There is also an extensive city bus system that has routes all around the city and its suburbs. The city has a subway, built in 1999, that has stations around its downtown and industrial areas.

Devros is home to the Rujàrn N. Trîàmnû International Airport, one of only four Antrian international airports.

Devros is the meeting point of two of Antrium's national highways: AN2, running from Orlesk to the Antrium-Fonzoland border, and AN4, running from the Antrium-South Antrium border through Sivaris and Anvàln to Orlesk.

<div" class="plainlinksneverexpand">Pernik-Bulgaria-view-from-Krakra-Fortress.jpg
Devros as seen from Bàrklan Hill. The residential areas are to the left, the downtown is in the center, and the industrial park is to the right.

Educational Facilities

  • University of Soréto at Devros
  • Devros Area Community College
  • Éoràntû Sîvlûronû Academy

Sister Cities

Devros currently has two sister cities: