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Flag of Eirisle
Motto: 'Exultemus en Simplicitas'
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Region The Two Sicilies
Capital Duncaer
Official Language(s) English
Leader Lady Sara
Population 200 million
Currency piece 
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Eirisle is a relatively small nation, strongly influenced by Gregorian and Victorian Britain (before it became widely industrialized).

While having only recently joined the Empires Of Earth colony The Two Sicilies, Eirisle rapidly gained influence within the region - it currently holds the position of Regional Delegate, as well as positions in the Regional government.


Eirisle began as a relatively small nation, created by and for people who were disgusted or otherwise disenchanted with a more modern way of life, and who wished to essentially 'return to the past'. However, the founders weren't blind to the negatives of their era of choice. They reconstructed the government and social network so as to sustain the aspects of the more old-fashioned life that they held dear, while eliminating or overcoming the most destructive flaws that had existed. The result was what one person described as a "technophobic feudal bureaucracy".


Eirisle as a whole is extremely anti-industrial, the popular view being that factories and industrialization destroy society. Along with industry, higher levels of technology are also generally frowned upon. Society as a whole is effectively locked in the clockwork-and-steam age of technology. The exceptions to this are in public Centres located in the largest of the nation's cities, where certain (imported) higher-level technological devices are kept for the purpose of dealing with more technologically advanced nations and regions.

The social focus is very localised. People tend to stay close to the towns where they grew up, although this is due more to inclination than to lack of ability. While private methods of longer-distance transportation are uncommon, the national rail network is extensive, convenient, and cheap. Within cities, there are public cabs (horse-drawn) for speedy intracity transportation. In smaller cities or towns, people generally walk or ride bicycles.


Lady Sara

It is required of the Speaker of Eirisle (the title of the leader) to discard his/her surname upon assuming the position, so as to negate any ties or connections between the Speaker and families or groups in Society. Hence, she is only known as Lady Sara. Selected for the position at the young age of 20, she has held the position of Speaker for the past 8 years. She has a very polite and dignified manner, striving always to uphold the standards expected of a "true lady". She is committed to her position and role as the national leader and representative of its people, attempting to keep apprised of locally international events and events affecting the Empire her nation is now a part of.

Liana Baker

Aged 35, she is Lady Sara's official Secretary. Since Lady Sara became too busy to do everything herself, Baker handles all interregional communications, forwarding them to the Speaker only when deemed necessary. She designated herself "Eirisle Communications Coordinator" after acquiring these additional duties, and no one in the government seems to care enough to either reprimand her or make the title official.

Ran Daverson

A cheerful and unassuming man, Daverson was selected from the ranks of Eirisle's government officials as the permanent UN Representative, as Lady Sara became unable to attend due to increasing Regional responsibilities. Being single, childless, and not particularly attached to his previous position, the 33 year old Daverson agreed to relocate to the UN Building. As the paperwork for obtaining offices in the building has not yet been processed, he and two assistants are currently residing in a tent and his steam-car in the parking lot.