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Flag of EuroSoviets
Motto: "Reason in Revolt now Thunders!"
[1], ASE Map
Region Allied States of EuroIslanders
Capital New Athens
Official Language(s) English, Greek, Russian, Arabic
Leader Strategos Feyedor Konstantin Druslov, Strategos Roger Charles McDonagh.
Population 9.8 Billion
Currency Federii 
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The Socialist Vanguard Alliance of EuroSoviets

EuroSoviets is an old hand at NationStates. Having been involved in inter-regional politics since 2003, the nation has held many positions in several different organisations.

Among the most notable contributions which EuroSoviets has made to NS were his creation of the Red Liberty Alliance and his stewardship of that alliance. Beyond this, EuroSoviets was involved in the Sardaukar Confederate Defense Trust, was Secretary of Defense at the ADN and was also a leader in the earlier incarnation of the RLA, the MASS Alliance.

Known for his lack of patience with people he considers to be fools, EuroSoviets was a distinctive personality in NS, verging on the point of abrasive at times.

Unceasingly campaigning for organisational democracy and accountability, ES fell out repeatedly with such notables as Pope Hope, Sugar Bear, Vazquez and the entire Meritocracy.

The nation of EuroSoviets is a defender nation, founder of a defender region and a defender alliance.