Exarchate of New Jerusalem

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Exarchate of New Jerusalem
Nation: Pantocratoria
Capital: New Jerusalem
Leader: Augustulus Comnenus, Exarch of New Jerusalem

The Exarchate of New Jerusalem is an island at the north west of the Pantocratorian Archipelago. Its primary language is Greek, and its inhabitants are mostly descendants of 17th century Pantocratorian settlers and Aboriginal Pantocratorians, or some mixture of the two. New Jerusalem is the only major city, and the rest of the island consists primarily of very small cities and towns, and is engaged almost entirely in agricultural production.

The Exarchate has its own provincial government in the form of the New Jerusalem Council of Ministers, headed up by the Exarch of New Jerusalem. It is also subject to the Imperial Government formed from the Imperial Parliament (20 seats in the Imperial Parliament's 540 seats correspond to dioceses and deaneries in the Exarchate). The present Exarch is Exarch Augustulus Comnenus.