Underwater Bubble

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The Underwater Bubble started out as the infamous GDODAD region, as a secret hideout for evil dictators, somewhat comparable to the Saturnian Ringworld.

While the idea itself was brilliant (What better evil lair for aforementioned evil dictators?), it was apparently abused, in the sense of an indestructable, unreachable hideout for the armies and nations (The UWB having up to several dozen inhabitants, inhabitants being entire nations) of said dictators, striking without risking an actual, efficient response (Giant Submarines). This, together with the non- RPed construction of the Underwater Bubble, as well as GDODAD's generally bad reputation (No matter if this reputation was justified or not), quickly resulted in the Underwater Bubble being considered a Godmode.

GDODAD's UWB sort of ended during Camdean's Popping of the Bubble, which in itself wasn't exactly recognised by GDODAD (Understandable, considering the summary of events), after which it was considered to be either destroyed, or that it never actually existed.

A few other nations took the concept of the Underwater Bubble for their own projects. Der Angst constructed several dozen of them in its vicinity, with several million people living in them, and Tsaraine constructed comparable Subaquatic Domes (Different name, same concept). However, this more sane constructions are not really comparable to the actual Underwater Bubble.