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Flag of Gazzmania
Motto: "Liberté par la commande"
Region The Middle East
Capital New Elworth
Official Language(s) English (official), French, Gazzmanian
Leader Terrance Frances-Smith
Population 300-400 million (as of 02/2005)
Currency The Ace (Æ1.00 = $0.47) 
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The Free Land of Gazzmania is an average sized, largely independant nation situated in the heart of The Middle East, bordering IranIran to its West, Veriale to its South, and the unoccupied territory of Bay-East to its North. It encompasses the mouth of "The Bay" along its north-western coastline, into which drains one of the largest rivers of the region, The River Wheilock.

Gazzmania has a rapidly growing, united populace consisting of indigenous tribal natives, former British citizens, and a small amount of French immigrants in the following approximate ratio:

Gazzmanian indigenous natives- 35%

Mixed-Race British - 50%

French immigrants - 15%

Climate and Terrain


  • Temperate mediterranean along coasts of the bay, arid/semi-arid to the south.
  • Warm, wet summers. Cool, dry winters.


  • Mostly flat plains or gently rolling hills in north and west; remainder is mountainous.
    • Highest Point: Mount Khop 3,513 m
    • Lowest Point: Wheilock River Delta -2m

The Free Land of Gazzmania, as a developed western-style nation, is served by particulary good transport links, and the government operated, privatised road network is the nation's pride, seconded only to the largest nations of the West and fewer numbers of technologically advanced small countries in the Far East.

Detailed map of road network showing main Autoroutes and smaller settlements. [[2]]

Government Structure

(--under construction--)

Diplomatic Relations

It is thought that the leaders of both Gazzmania and Kriegensfeld are close aquaintances. Most towns in both countries have been twinned with those in the other nation and the vast majority of cars on Gazzmanian roads are products of Kriegensfeld's renowned automobile manufacturing industries. Both leaders are often in contact with one another via an electronic communicaiton link, thus inciting some suspicion in the citizens of either nation that one of their leaders is "kissing up" to the other. However, and as with all such allegations, this has not been proven, and is never likely to be.

However, during the current war in Yisra el, Kriegensfeldian troops were defeated after pledging to join the alliance against the attackers, IranIran. It was expected that Gazzmanian re-inforcement would arrive as back-up for the Kriegensfeld forces, but no such help arrived. Despite Gazzmania taking a solid anti-war stance, MPs fear the strong diplomatic ties with it's sister nation may have taken a serious hit.