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The Province

Province: Hecia
Football Team:Hecia

Hecia were the first offical 'new' province of Starblaydia, as this state of the former Holy Empire of Nemya was flooded with refugees, all depserately trying to get into 'old' Starblaydia for security and employment.

The Football Club

Hecia FC
LeagueLiga Starblaydia
ManagerDavid Benson
StadiumNemyan National Stadium

Hecia FC


Hecia are one of the better provincial teams from Eastern Starblayida, as they provided an occasional player for the national team. It wasn't until the advent of Liga Starblaydia, however, that they showed their true potential. With a solid defence and a great partnership up-front, they have the building blocks and now also the funds to progress even further. Potential Champions or Tiberius Cup winners? Certainly.


2nd Place, Liga Starblaydia Season 1
3rd Place, Liga Starblaydia Season 2
Runners-Up - Tiberius Cup Season 2

Famous Players

Angelos Prokopsis
Michalis Mitrofanis
Vengelis Koentas


Hecia play in a White kit with Black trim.

Starting XI

 Pos	Name			Nation
 GK	Alioum Mané		Vilita
 RB	Kostas Papageorgiou	Starblaydi
 LB	Vengelis Koentas (C)	Starblaydi
 CB	Rob Talon		Nova Britannican
 CB	Armand Gianunzio	Starblaydi
 DM     Virgil Ernesto		Starblaydi
 CM	Stephen Batton		Starblaydi  
 DM	Fred Pounds		Liverpool Englander
 RM	Giorgios Kasiouras	Starblaydi
 SC	Michalis Mitrofanis	Starblaydi
 SC     Robbad I. Asay          Spruitlander