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Flag of Hersfold
Motto: "Live Long and Prosper"
none available
Region The North Pacific
Capital Vulcan City
Official Language(s) English, Vulcan
Leader President Reynolds
Population Over 4 Billion
Currency Fold 
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The United Federation of Hersfold, founded February 27, 2004, is one of many high-standing nations currently in NationStates. Founded in The North Pacific, Hersfold immediately left to join the region Part123, founded by the now ex-nation Shut Up and Die. Hersfold and Shut Up and Die together strived to make Part123 a larger and more influential region, but sadly, Part123 has not seen more than 15 members at any one time.

Hersfold quickly joined the UN, soon enough to participate in the voting of the resolution United Nations Space Consortium. Hersfold took over the Delegacy of Part123 within a month of his joining the region. Shortly after gaining this Delegacy, Hersfold submitted his proposal, UN Educational Committee, and saw it to quorum. During the debate of this resolution, Hersfold opened diplomatic ties between Part123 and The North Pacific. It is this action which has led to Hersfold's success today.

The United Federation of Hersfold became the Honorary Founder of Part123 after the original Founder, Shut Up and Die, became inactive, leading to an invasion of Part123. Hersfold served two terms as UN Delegate of Part123, and was also the Minister of Foregin Affairs for Part123 for a short time. In this post, Hersfold organized alliances between The International Democratic Union and Cool Rock Place 4 Cool Peepz.

Hersfold was elected to the post of Minister of Culture and Education for The North Pacific on December 7, 2004 - the first ever in the region. This appointment eventually led Hersfold to return to The North Pacific, where he organized a re-founding process for Part123 to allow Lamb Rogan Josh to become Part123's next Honorary Founder. He then became the Ambassador to Part123 in order to preserve his ties to that region. Hersfold later sponsored the TNP Campaign Against Spam, a program to reduce spamatory messages and obscenely long recruiter ads on The North Pacific's message board - a program which has been, to date, very successful.

Hersfold is now the forum administrator on The North Pacific Regional Forums as well as the Minister of Immigration and Internal Affairs for The North Pacific.

Past and Present Titles

  • UN Member
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs, Part123
  • UN Delegate, Part123
  • Honorary Founder, Part123
  • Ambassador to The North Pacific from Part123
  • Author, UN Resolution #54, UN Educational Committee
  • Minister of Culture and Education (two terms served)
  • Ambassador to Part123 from The North Pacific
  • Editor-in-Chief, [www.tnpblogger.blogspot.com The North Pacific Wire]
  • Deputy Minister of Culture and Education
  • Deputy Minister of Immigration and Internal Affairs
  • Minister of Immigration and Internal Affairs (currently serving)
  • Forum Administrator, The North Pacific Regional Forums
  • Author, Olympic Games, Deleted Resolution-at-Vote

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