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Prince Jeremiah
Inherited Barony of Latgale
Cousin of the current Emperor; now known as an usurper.

Prince Jeremiah was born in 1963, the first child of Princess Michele and Janis Blums, who was to become the Baron of Latgale. Jeremiah and his sister, Princess Hope – who was born in 1968, inherited their mother’s Imperial title, but will be unable to pass them to their children, unless they become heirs to the Sword or they themselves inherit the Sword.

Jeremiah spent his early years as a typical child. When his grandmother ascended the throne as Empress Mary II in 1969, Jeremiah’s mother became a possible heir to the Sword. Jeremiah and his family quickly found themselves among the favourite targets of the paparazzi and frequently in the centre of media attention.

When the Empress died in 1981 and Jeremiah’s uncle ascended the throne as Emperor David III, his mother lost her standing as possible heir to the Sword and Jeremiah and his family returned to a quite life in the country.

In 1984, Jeremiah graduated from the University of Cesis with a degree in business and economics. He married the Lady Heather Benchley in 1989.

From the early 90s, Jeremiah managed his family’s large business and land holdings in Latgale. When his father, Janis, died in 2003, he inherited the barony, which he administered until 2006.

In late 2005, Jeremiah's cousin, Emperor David IV, suffered a severe heart attack leading to conflict between the Imperial Senate, the Imperial Household and barons over the regency and succession to the Sword. A group of barons, led by Baron Alexander Skrastins and Baron Jekob Perkonis, attempted to take advantage of the confused situation to revive the long-suppressed Council of Lords. In addition, Skrastins and Perkonis conspired with Jeremiah to proclaim the prince the new emperor, citing his cousin's incapacity.

The attempt to install Jeremiah as emperor failed when Crown Prince Joseph, acting as Regent, ordered the arrest of the conspirators. Jeremiah, now labeled an usurper, fled with Skrastins and Perkonis to the Confederation of Sovereign States, where they remain.