Joseph of Excalbia

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Crown Prince Joseph
Earned Rank
First Lieutenant, Imperial Army
Prince Regent of Excalbia and Co-sovereign of Langeais
Civil Status
Married to Princess Anna of Pantocratoria

Quiet and bookish by nature, Crown Prince Joseph was sent by his father, Emperor David IV, to the Court of Christ Pantocrator in New Rome to court Princess Anna, not so much to win her hand as to gain a baptism of fire in the world of court politics. Nevertheless, it was the Princess' hand that he gained.

Prince Joseph and Princess Anna were married at the Basilica of the Blessed Virgin of New Jerusalem on 23rd March 2004. As a wedding present, the Emperor presented the newlyweds a patent and Imperial charter to establish an independent nation in Excalbia's unincorporated Western Maritime Peninsula. The charter named Prince Joseph and his bride as co-sovereigns of the new nation, dubbed the Principality of Langeais by Princess Anna.

During the wedding festivities, Emperor David IV officially named Prince Joseph as the heir apparent to the Imperial throne. However, under the Excalbian Constitution, the Imperial Senate and the Council of Bishops of the Church of Excalbia have the final say in the Imperial succession.

In late 2005, the Emperor suffered a severe heart attack leading to conflict between the Imperial Senate, the Imperial Household and barons over the regency and succession to the Sword. When that conflict led to a failed attempt by members of the Imperial Household to close the Senate and an equally disastrous attempt by the barons to replace the Emperor with his cousin, the government of Lady Jessica Tagaarth collapsed.

Amidst the chaos, Princess Christiana, who had been named Regent by the Senate, resigned in favour of her nephew. Prince Joseph moved quickly to assert his authority as Regent by ordering the arrest of Lord Jacob Bergmanis and General Maris Jansons, who had been behind the Imperial Household's attempt to close the Senate, and of those barons responsible for the attempted usurpation. His quick action avoided further conflict and division. When the Emperor awoke from his coma, he issued a decree reconfirming Prince Joseph's position as Prince Regent.

Prior to his wedding, Prince Joseph studied at the University of Landing in Excalbia and served as a reserve officer in the Excalbian Imperial Army. Perhaps inspired by his father, Prince Joseph refused a ceremonial commission in favor of a student reserve officer commission. Through out his studies, the Prince participated in drills and training and rose, on his own merit, to the rank of First Lieutenant.

Prince Joseph and Princess Anna have one daughter, Princess Elizabeth, who was born on September 30, 2005.