David IV

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Emperor David IV
1998 - present
Earned Military Rank
Inaugurated a military alliance with Pantocratoria.

Emperor David IV is the current ruler of the Holy Empire of Excalbia. He succeeded his father, David III, who was the grandson of Empress Mary I.

As a prince, David received basic military training. Unlike most of the Imperial family, however, David turned down an honorary commission in the Imperial Navy, electing instead to attend the Imperial Naval Academy as an ordinary cadet. Commissioned as an Ensign in 1978, the future Emperor received flight training and earned his wings as a carrier-certified naval aviator. In his nearly 20 year career, David IV also served on various surface ships, eventually rising to command the destroyer INV Valmiera. His last assignment in the Imperial Navy was a professor of naval tactics and military history at the Academy. As Emperor, David IV holds the honorary rank of Lord Admiral. However, he continues to proudly to wear his wings, sea service badge and the gold star pin that signifies a previous ship command.

In 1980, Prince David married Elizabeth Karlson. Their first son, Prince Joseph was born in 1983. Their daughter, Princess Rebecca, was born in 1990 and their second son, Prince James, was born in 1995.

David IV, being the younger son of Emperor David III, never expected to sit on the throne. However, the tragic death of his older brother, Prince Paul, in 1997 pushed him to the front of the line of succession just prior to the death of his father in 1998. Following the death of Prince Paul and his wife, Princess Helena, David IV and his unmarried sister, Princess Christiana shared responsibility for raising their nephew, Prince Peter.

After ascending the throne in 1998, David IV embarked on an ambitious military modernization program and an expansion of the Empire's foreign relations. He made Lady Christina Freedman, a young rising star in the Progressive Conservative Party, his surprise choice for Imperial Chancellor. Lady Freedman responded by enthusiastically implementing the Emperor's new policies.

The culmination of the Emperor's new foreign policy was the inauguration of an alliance with the Holy and Most August Empire of Pantocratoria. The Alliance was cemented when Prince Joseph married Princess Anna of Pantocratoria. Upon their marriage, David IV granted the newlyweds a patent and Imperial charter to establish an independent nation in Excalbia's unincorporated Western Maritime Peninsula as co-sovereigns. This new nation became the Principality of Langeais.

Controversy over the growing power of the Emperor and the Imperial Household led to a rupture in the ruling coalition just prior to the 2005 elections. When the ruling Progressive Conservatives failed to retain the government after the elections, David IV named Liberal leader Lady Jessica Tagaarth the new Imperial Chancellor. While relations between David IV and his new Chancellor were cordial, relations with the new cabinet were strained at best.

In the fall of 2005, David IV suffered two myocardial infarctions and sank into a coma. Without his strong leadership and personal connection with Lady Jessica, the growing distrust between the Sword and the Senate led to the Senate’s controversial decision to name David IV’s sister, Princess Christiana, Regent rather than his son and heir apparent, Prince Joseph.