Imperial Household of Excalbia

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The Imperial Household and Its Function

The Imperial Household is the agency charged with the administering the daily needs of the Imperial family in the Holy Empire of Excalbia. As such, the Imperial Household is responsible for the care and maintenance of all properties belonging to the Imperial family, including the Citadel of Excalbia, Sweyn Castle, the Imperial Palace of Excalbia, the Imperial Preserve Island and Kuldiga Palace among others. In addition, the Imperial Household manages the Imperial family's assets and investments, which are quite extensive. The Imperial Household also helps in the administration of the Imperial Trust and, in conjunction with the Ministry of Defence, oversees the budget and supply of the Imperial Guard.

As the Imperial Household is directly responsible to the Emperor, it is technically outside the control of His Imperial Majesty's Government and the Imperial Senate. Its access to the vast wealth of the Imperial family adds to its independence and potential power.

The Imperial Household is led by the Imperial Chamberlain. The current Imperial Chamberlain is Lord Johannes Corman, who has held the position since early in the reign of Emperor David III.

Officers of the Imperial Household

Imperial Chamberlain - Head of the Imperial Household - Lord Johannes Corman

Captain of the Imperial Guard - Head of the Emperor's Personal Guard - vacant

Chief Yeoman of the Guard - Emperor's Personal Bodyguard - CAPT Nicolas Admakus

Imperial Steward - Head of the Residential Staff - Lord Alfred Landis

Imperial Exchequer - Treasurer of the Imperial Household - Lady Theresa Kent

Lord Constable - Head of Transportation and Logistics - Lord Travis Mitchell

Lord Sheriff of the Citadel - Head of Security for Imperial Properties - vacant

Lord Bailiff of Kuldiga - Head of Imperial Properties at Kuldiga - Lady Jenolyn Tremane

Lord Bailiff of Sigulda - Head of Imperial Properties at Sigulda - Lord Janis Bergs

Yeoman Warder of the Preserve - Head of the Imperial Preserve Island - Sir Benjamin Taylor