Johannes Corman

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Lord Johannes Corman
Official Title
Imperial Chamberlain
1985 - present
His father served as Lord Sheriff under Joshua II and his grandfather served as Imperial Steward under Daniel III.

Lord Johannes Corman, Baron of Jaunaldheim, followed family tradition and entered service in the Imperial Household after completing his studies at the University of Sigulda. He served briefly under the Lord Baliff of Sigulda before moving to the office of the Imperial Exchequer.

In 1971, Lord Corman because the Assistant Steward under Empress Mary II. The new Assistant Steward was befriended by Prince David - later Emperor David III, who had been one of his professors at the University of Sigulda. When David III ascended the throne in 1981, he retained his mother's Chamberlain until his retirement in 1985. Upon the retirement of the former Chamberlain, David III named Lord Corman as his replacement.

After David III's death in 1998, Emperor David IV retained Lord Corman as Chamberlain. While Lord Corman maintains a proper and respectful relationship with the Emperor, it is well known in court circles that the Emperor sees the Chamberlain as a father figure. Aware of his potential influence over the his sovereign, Lord Corman has been exceedingly carefull to avoid using that influence or even giving the appearance of using his influence.

As Imperial Chamberlain, Lord Corman manages the Imperial Household - a vast and wealthy agency completely outside the control of the Government. The agency is responsible for managing the Imperial family's properties, finances and security.