Last Words of Aberdonians

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Last words of famous Aberdonians


"Lord forgive me for what I have done"-Bunio Bannock of Metis Liberation Front


"Hey she bitch, let's dance!" - Jorey Cones, Dancing Bananalandian SpecOps before attacking Nikki Ronalk

"Hey, you don't have an appointment!" - Laird Birde, Federal Economist of Bentay before being assasinated by Dan Whitts in his office.


"Well that's good..."-Kief Edward I of Hekloslogravia

"Get it off! I can't breathe!"-Reported last words of Kief Edward II of Hekloslogravia


"Don't call me Jake."-Former Hekloslogravian President Jake Clawston


"It's Tredegat. He had this done."-Former Hekloslogravian President William Gladstone


"What...?"-Hekloslogravian Prime Minister William Korento


"Guards, remove this man."-Hekloslogravian Senator Thomas Y. Madison


"Gentlemen, you have the floor."-Speaker of the House Jonathan Noble of Imperfectia


"Well, are we winning?"-Kief Robert of Hekloslogravia

"Those that betray their kin do not believe in the truth of Nolak" Nikki Ronalk, Nolak assassin.

"If my successor joins Aberdeen..." -High Priest Raik II of the Empire, before immolating himself. His successor, Flarshraik III, joined the region of Aberdeen less than 24 hours later.


"No, I won't have them shot."-Captn. Lucas Welsh, of the Hekloslogravian Army, in reguards to orders to execute all POWs,