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Headquarters: Mangala
Nationality: Mangala
Specialty: All Media
Storefront: n/a


MNN (formerly Mangalan News Network, then Martian News Network, now simply MNN)is Mars' single largest datafeed and information services provider. With offices across the red planet, as well as across known space, MNN brings a galactic perspective to the Martian media, combined with a reputation for fair and accurate information. MNN offers two primary services: its vast datafeed network [i.e. TV with a million channels] and access to the planetary datalinks [i.e. being an ISP]. MNN also offers access to the Nu-Space network across Sol. Although Nu-space was invented by corporations within the United Star Empire of Valinon MNN partnered with MangalaCorp to take control of the service in the Sol system and now provides access to the virtual world as a standard option along with its datafeed package.

MNN Offices


Mangala - MNN has offices in every major Mangalan city, and has its headquarters in the capital MNN maintains offices in several of the larger cities, as well as full news bureaus in each of the following nations:

Additionally, MNN maintains smaller offices in:

  • Santa Barbara Noachia
  • FACS
  • Eniqcir
  • Bajon
  • United Indiastan


  • Earth/Luna (the office is located in earth orbit on the station IMS Kiselev)
  • Saturn/Titan (offices located in Port Arthur)
  • Asteroid Belt (a small statioin provides limited access to various mining ventures, military bases, etc.)

Alpha Centauri

  • Proxima (New Koln)
  • Pholus (Kelanis)

GEC-42 (Joint Martian Colonies)

  • Atlantis
  • Erudan

Ares System

  • Anuke


  • MNN maintains offices on every populated planet in the system. The system Headquarters is located on Castor in the capital, Alta Gracia.

Major MNN Datafeed channels

  • MNN Newsfeed (a newsfeed, concerned mainly with Mars)
  • MNN Sol (offering news and entertainment from across Sol)
  • MNN Galactic Service (think BBC world service, but across known space)
  • MNNFinance (Sol system financial news and information)
  • MangalaVid (actually several channels: MV1, MV2, etc. this datafeed offers the latest in entertainment in every media and genre. Of special interest is MangalaVidSunset, which is Mars' leading holovid distributor)
  • AumanNet (offered only in Auman, content approved by Aumanii government)
  • MNNSBN (offered only in SantaBarbara Noachia, locally produced content)
  • SNN (Wazzu Elysium's datafeed, locally produced content [OOC: not fully rped yet])
  • ToY Ringfeed (MNN offers access to the Triumvirate of Yut newsnet)