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The Grand Duchy of Kajal Mars
Sorana-sa Kajur-Barol
O seiya her farhirra no myra lan cey arasur i O alari.
You must walk in darkness to see the light at the end of the journey.
Spoken Languages
Riikan, Deriiv, Ljosa, Solan, English, Quenya.
Capital Kitharmani
Head of State Imperatrix Lirella Keral
Grand Duchess Illaan Soryaan (Democratic Kajal Party/DKP)
 - Land
 - Water

~1,480,500 km²
~1,809,500 km²
500+ Million
Internet TLD barol.kj

The Grand Duchy of Kajal Mars was founded by the Imperium of Kajal in 682BDE, through filing a request for land on the surface of The Planet Mars. At the time, Kajal was effectively an extrasolar nation, and the founding of the Duchy allowed Kajal to establish a base from which it could trade with the nations of Sol. Kajal Mars was originally structured not unlike the Imperium, with an appointed official known as the Colonial Controller ruling the colony.

In the early years, Kajal Mars was comprised of three central domes and a multitude of research outposts. Kajal had never discovered a Mars-type planet before, and as such, the small planet, the red soil, and the thin atmosphere fascinated the early scientists. Dryer than Solanna, but not nearly as livable, many wondered why Kajali would want to live their in the first place. With the subsequent terraforming of Mars, however, the air in the colony became breathable, though uncomfortably thin, and the Forestry Project was initiated successfully, resulting in the modified tropical jungle that spans much of Kajal Mars. This jungle is comprised of species of plants previously indigenous to Kajal, and the Forestry Service attempts to keep it within the borders, though the flora have been sighted in other countries.

As a nation, Kajal Mars has a unique position upon Mars. Situated between five sovereign nations, and controlling the oceanic exit for Sunset, it has been in an enviable position for international trade since founding. As such, Kajal Mars' economy has historically been quite stable. With the Tyranid infestation of Qaaolchouraav Mars, the economy dipped slightly, though it is worth noting that Qaaolchouraav Mars was not a particularly large trading partner to begin with.


Location: The Planet Mars.


  • Comparative: Roughly the size of India.
  • Total: ~3,290,000 sq km

Land Boundaries

Total Border Length: 5987.88 km
Border Countries: Kajal Mars shares borders with Eniqcir (1137.78km), Sunset (1559.18km), Tor Yvresse Mars (505.68km), Wazzu Elysium (1559.18km), and Qaaolchouraav Mars (1226.06km).

Maritime Claims

  • Contiguous zone: 24 NM (Kajal Mars only)
  • Territorial sea: Approximately 55% of Kajal Mars is underwater.


Kajal Mars is primarily arid, with dry forested regions.

Land use

  • Arable Land: 6.25%
  • Other: 93.54%
  • Permanent Crops: 0.14%
  • Natural Hazards:Dust storms.



The population of Kajal Mars is 82% Kajali, with a small Human and Elven minority, totalling 16%. The remaining 2% is composed from various non-human races present on or around The Planet Mars.


Life Expectancy at Birth:

Ethnic Groups

  • Kajali - 82%
  • Human - 12%
  • Elven - 6%


  • Atheist/Agnostic: 47%
  • Iuan: 10%
  • The Faith: 16%
  • Varied Terran: 27%


Definition: Age 15 and over can read and write
Total population: 100%
Male: 100%
Female: 100%


Country Name

Conventional Long Form: The Duchy of Kajal Mars
Conventional Short Form: Kajal Mars
Local Long Form: Sorana-sa Kajur-Barol
Local Short Form: Kajur-Barol
Abbreviation: DoKM

Government Type: Bicameral Democracy

Capital: Kitharmani (Formerly Shalbatana/S4)

Administrative Divisions:

  • Ganges
  • Margaritifer
  • Shalbatana
  • Xanthe

Terraformed Mars off center to the left on a burgandy flag with a dark orange center stripe.


3 September 2222AFY

National Holiday
Founding Day, 3 September
Liberty Day, 15 September

3 September 2232 - Bill of Rights

Kajal Mars: 20 years of age

Executive Branch

  • Head of state: Duchess Illaan Soryaan
  • Elections: Every five years barring circumstances such as a failed motion of confidence.

Legislative Branch

Bicameral legislature consisting of Senate appointed House of Representatives, and House of Representatives elected by the population. The Senate is limited to 32 Senators, and there are 256 seats in the House of Representatives. The government operates as a subset of the larger Four Worlds government.

flagsmall.gif Her Imperial Majesty's Federated Imperium of the Four Worlds and Territories of Kajal
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Leaders: Dajal I, Dajal II, Derin Kavar, Lirella Keral
Important Persons: Derin Lume, Ilosse Zherka, Ilunaia Keral-Kavar, Iu, Sala Maraan, Sera Merala, Vierun Muraan Jiraga Shenar, Illaan Soryaan
Currency and Language: Kajali Galac, Riikan Language
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