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Adherent of the Random Number Gods
Preferred Sacrifice:
rubber chicken
Whomever pays her well

Also: The person we know only as 'Margaret'

This character was originally invented by Snub Nose 38. Not much is known about her except that she is a rude person, and has family ties to Halfassedstates. She uses chickens (or, in a pinch, will use a dilapidated old rubber chicken) to sacrificially supplicate the random number gods in an attempt to influence the results in favor of the Snub Nose Hooligans (or any other team she feels like supporting or paid her for it). These RPed ceremonies do have a certain effect on scorination, since they increase the RP-bonus. Also without roleplaying with this character, she is blamed for all sorts of strange-scores, loss-series and embarrassing matches against n00bs (this is according to one of Murphy's laws: 'The one who smiles when things go wrong knows who to blame!'). Margaret "works for" The Snub Nose 38 Ministry of Athletics, Olympics, and Alcoholic Beverages. She is often seen with the Minister himself - or, more to the point, he is often seen with her.

  • we notice, as we read this page, that someone dressed in burgundy robes and a midnight blue hooded cape is kneeling in front of a bronze brazier with something in each hand. the left hand seems to be holding a small leather pouch which has an eagle feather tied to it by a silver string. the right hand is holding a...why, it's a delapidated old rubber chicken! could it be? is the that someone known to the world only as "margaret"? we listen in*

- ...use my name without permission, eh! Well, we'll just see about that, we will.

More recently, Margaret has been reported to be in the service of the new nation Snub Nose 39 preceding a Baptism of Fire. She was also seen cavorting around with the Green wombat national football team just before World Cup 34. During this cup, some Milchamans sacrificed many rubber chickens, among other things, to her, during their national team's campaign (it finished second).