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The term RP-Bonus is a term in Sports roleplaying for a bonus for participation in a sports tournament. This participation mostly means posting an RP, but also rosters can count towards the bonus.

Concepts for RP-bonuses

The RP-bonus was introduced in World Cup 4 by Brazillico and at that time simply differentiated between participating and not participating nations. Later, the formulae and the RP-bonuses became more complex. In current sports-tournaments, three concepts of RP-bonus occur: Yes/no bonus, quantity-based RP-bonuses and quality-based RP-bonuses. Many hosts opt for a combined method of some description for their scorination.

A Yes/no RP-bonus simply gives a bonus if an RP or roster is posted but does not distinguish between n00bish 3-liners and long, well-written RPs. Its advantage is the simplicity.

A quantity-based RP-bonus uses the length of each RP as criteria. The general idea behind this concept is to judge the effort, which was put into the RP. Character count or the amount of lines in a certain screen-resolution are most commonly used as criteria for length. The disadvantage is the complexity and the fact that long and dull RPs give a higher bonus than short and funny ones.

A quality-based RP-bonus uses the quality of an RP to determine the advantage. While this concept is enticing in theory, it is impossible to determine the quality of an RP without any bias.

RPR is based on both existence of RPs as well as on quality.

Exploitation of RP-bonuses

The 'lawyers' of the World Cup always used methods to use their free time best to get an advantage via the RP-bonus. The most known methods are: Spaaming and Eizening (both named after their creators).


The process to post pointless roleplays in Sports roleplaying to increase the RP-bonus. Like printing of books, the art of spaaming reached its absolute climax directly after its invention by Spaam. No one ever reached such a high perfection (i.e. character count) with RPs, which are not too much related to the match. The art of spaaming was stopped by the invention of upper limits for an RP-bonus. See spaaming.


Eizening is a subcategory of spaaming. It means splitting your RP into several short posts. Eizen used this strategy to win the Cherry Cup 4, hosted by The Belmore Family. The RP-bonus for this cup was a simple rank decrement per roleplay and Eizen managed to archieve a scorination rank lower than -30 for the final.

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