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Population: 35 nations
Delegate: Criberia
Founder: Fanatical Terraformers
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Mars is the 4th Planet in the Sol System and the final planet in the "inner planets". It is approximatly 228 Million kilometres away from the Sun and approximately 78 Million kilometres from Earth. Mars has one major ocean, the North Ocean and another sea in the Southern Hemisphere. Mars is roughly 306 Million Kilometres in area.



The first permanent base camp on Mars (now Mars City) was founded in 2021 by the Aluet Corporation however it was almost nine more years before the International community decided to begin terraforming the planet.

In 2030, the International Space Agency and many Earth nations including the United Kingdom, France, the United States of America, Canada, Russia, China and India signed the Mars Accords, a treaty to work together for the successful terraforming of Mars. The project took ten years to complete and involved nuclear weapons, forced volcanic eruptions and re-directing comets and asteroids to collide with the planet. The result, in 2040, was a Mars with an environment similar to that of Earth's.


A year long "cooling down" process followed to allow the new pressures and atmosphere on Mars sort themselves out after the terraforming process. After the period, in 2041 many Earth nations started making colonies on Mars and independent groups started setting up their own nations.

The first major war in Mars began in 2054 when The Corporate Empire of Alutia was invaded by People in Trench Coats. The invasion created the Council of Mars which was the first attempt to unify Martians. The council later disbanded and the People in Trench Coats were repelled but not before the leaders of Mars realised that they needed to work together to stop another war.

The Mirror Mars War

The new Mars Treaty Organisation was founded in 2080 and brought together many nations of Mars. The organisation currently has 13 members and aims to keep Mars peaceful. Despite this however, Mars' most deadly war to date began later that year with Mirror Mars. The extra-dimensional nation started a terrorist campaign throughout Mars before killing several international leaders at a peace conference. The MTO declared war on Mirror Mars as an invasion of Mars began.

It was feared that Mirror Mars would win the war however, in 2081, Mirror Mars made a fatal mistake of attempting to send a bio-weapon into several key Martian cities. The plan backfired when the probe carrying the virus caused an explosion which stopped inter-dimensional travel around Mars, stranding Mirror Mars' troops.

A rebellion in Mirror Mars along with the destruction of several key cities led the Mirror Mars government to destroy all key cities and towns and kill most of the planet's citizens. The war was ended however there was a shrort lived terrorist campaign by the TKK terrorist group who was later stopped.

New Friends and Foes

In 2082, vessels from another alternate Mars called, The Planet Mars arrived at Mars. Diplomatic contact was made and treaties forged however some of the new visitors were more interested in Combat then peace.

The Aumanii Expeditionary Forces have made it quite clear that they are not interested in diplomacy. Instead, they quickly began their assault, laying siege to a USM outpost on Titan. Due to the inherent difficulties associated with interdimensional travel and communications, it is unclear as to whether or not they were successful in their action...though, only time will tell.

Exploration teams from Sunset have made peaceful contact with the inhabitants of, what some would label backward, alternate Mars. Hopes are high on both sides of the dimensional coin.

The Kajali Super Battleship "Titan" has so far taken up position over Mars-B's Olympus Mons and has refused to take a stance politically...similarly, Pilon has begun a colonization effort of the planet with mixed feelings shared by the inhabitants.

Other nations from The Planet Mars did not believe that another dimension could exist and dismissed claims that Mars existed.

Mars Timeline

2021: The Aluet Corporation founds initial base camp of operations (now Mars City).

2030: Terraforming begins on Mars, by various nations on Earth and the International Space Agency, through various methods including new technologies, forced volcanic eruptions and comets re-directed to hit the planet.

2040: Terraforming is completed on Mars and the Martian surface and environment is similar to that on Earth. Many forests and plants start sprouting and the pressure, gravity, oxygen levels and temperature are similar to that of Earth's.

2041: The future United States of Mars state, Fosse, is colonised by the United Kingdom.

2042: The future United States of Mars state, Bottes, is colonised by the United Kingdom.

2043: The Aluet Corporation becomes The Corporate Empire of Alutia.

2044: The future United States of Mars state, Cropwell, is colonised by the Republic of Ireland.

2045: The United States of Mars is formed after the three states join together and become one, independant nation.

2052: Cold Station 12 is founded.

2054: The Corporate Empire of Alutia is invaded by People in Trench Coats.


  • The unspccmd (UNSC) arrives in Mars.
  • On the brink of surrender The UNSC intervenes and manages to defeat People in Trench Coats.
  • UNSC and Alutia form a strong bond.

2075: The Mars Treaty Organisation is established but it later is ended.


  • The Mars Treaty Organisation is re-established
  • Terrorist attacks across Mars bring the attention of Mars to Mirror Mars.
  • War is later declared.
  • Mirror Mars proproses a truce.


  • Mirror Mars starts an invasion of several Martian nations.
  • The Mirror Mars war ends with the defeat of Mirror Mars.


  • Vessels from another dimension started entering this Universe and made contact with Mars.

The Mars Universe

Due to the fact that Mars exists in a separate universe from The Planet Mars it has been decided that the region has OOC control of the entire solar system. Currently Mars has one spin-off region, The Moon of Europa. As of this time, the status of earth is undecided. Many mars nations also have establishments of some sort in the outer planets. Interstellar travel is somewhat limited, but it is known that some nations make regular trips to other solar systems.

The Mars Flag

Content from Wikipedia:

In early 2000, a proposed Mars flag flew aboard the space shuttle Discovery. Designed by NASA engineer and Flashline Mars Arctic Research Station task force leader Pascal Lee and carried aboard by astronaut John Mace Grunsfeld, the flag consists of of three vertical bars of red, green, and blue, symbolizing the transformation of Mars from a barren planet (red) to one bearing sustainable life (green), and finally to a fully terraformed planet with open bodies of water. This design was suggested by the Kim Stanley Robinson science fiction trilogy Red Mars, Green Mars, and Blue Mars. While other designs have been proposed, the republican tricolor has been adopted by the Mars Society as its own official banner. In a statement released after the launch of the mission, the Society said that the flag "has now been honored by a vessel of the leading spacefaring nation on Earth," and added that "(i)t is fitting that this action occurred when it did: at the dawning of a new millennium."

Mars Real Time - NS Time Scale

  • April 4th - 3rd July 2005: 2080
  • 4th July - 3rd September 2005: 2081
  • 4th September - 3rd December 2005: 2082
  • 4th December 2005 - 3rd March 2006: 2083
  • 4th March - 3rd June 2006: 2084
  • 4th June - 3rd September 2006: 2085

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