Northern Fiefdom and Duchy

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Феод и Княжество Северное
Northern Fiefdom and Duchy
Flag of the Northern Fiefdom and Duchy
Official Languages Russian, Taraskath
Government Constitutional Duchy
Duke Dragomir Voislavskiy
Prime Minister Leonid Starovolskiy
Capital Tin-Vilena
Population 100 million
Currency 1 Taraskovyan Frank = 100 Centimes
Calculators are evil.

The Northern Fiefdom and Duchy is one of the 28 fiefdoms composing the Grand Duchy of Tarasovka. The fiefdom sends two Senators to the Grand Ducal Senate and eight deputies to the Grand Ducal Duma.



The first Taraskovyan settlements in Aphyr are rather recent, having been initiated by Grand Duke Mikhail I. When Aphyr was formally annexed by the Grand Duchy, the territory of what is now the Northern Fiefdom comprised the Fiefdoms of Tin-Kerathor, Tal-Gelath and the Severomorsk Provincial District.

The Plague

The territories that now belong to the Northern Fiefdom and the Fiefdom of Tal-Nathil have been at the heart of the events which led to the Plague. It is in Tin-Vilena that Archduchess Anastasia made her seat and from where he commanded her forces into battle. The entire population of Aphyr was decimated in the heavy fighting that characterized the civil war.

In the aftermath of the war, a reconstruction effort was undertaken, with new settlers moving in.

Creation of the Northern Fiefdom

Following the Plague and the coming to power of the Ruling Council, the new leaders of Tarasovka decided to conduct a reform of the territories, abolishing the provincial districts and merging the numerous Aphyr territories into four fiefdoms: Northern, Tal-Nathil, Zlatoslavia, Southern Aphyr.

Later, when the Grand Duchy would be restored, the population of the Northern Fiefdom adopted a constitution which proclaimed the territory a Duchy. The new monarchy was recognised by Grand Duke Mikhail II who elevated Dragomir Voislavskiy, a famous Taraskovyan war hero and politician, to the title of Northern Duke. The new Duke was accepted by the fiefdom's population in a referendum.


The Executive

The titular head of the Fiefdom and Duchy, the Northern Duke, has no administrative authority over the territory and only serves as a symbol. The full scale of executive powers lies with the Government, known as the Cabinet of Ministers, headed by the Prime Minister.

The ministers are drawn from and are responsible to the fiefdom’s parliament, known as the Grand Council.

The Legislative

The Grand Council is, undoubtedly, the highest authority in the fiefdom. Responsible for passing legislation, as well as appointing the members of the Cabinet of Ministers and the Prime Minister.

The Grand Council consists of 100 members elected on a proportional basis. Each Municipality is represented proportionally to its population, but is entitled to at least one seat.

Special Status of Europolis

The Municipality of Europolis, part of the Northern Fiefdom and Duchy, was previously a Knootian possession in Sisgardia. The quasi-entirety of the Municipality’s population is of Dutch origins and speaks Dutch, which prompted the fiefdom’s authorities to grant it a special status, cemented in the Constitution of the Northern Fiefdom an Duchy of 1148 AS.

The Municipality of Europolis is responsible for education, culture, it has a greater power over the local police. It is also allowed to use Dutch as official language on the municipal level, along with the official languages of the Grand Duchy that are Russian and Taraskath.

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