Ryan Kovac

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Ryan Kovac
Nationality 22pixStarblaydiFlag.jpg Starblaydi
Hometown Corinth
Position Right/Centre-Midfielder
Caps 21
Goals 1
U21 Caps 11
U21 Goals 2
Clubs played for Hecia, Folensia, Unknown Sonaron Club Team
Teams managed None
AOCAF 8 Winner

Ryan Kovac's career never really took off as his club of Hecia soon sold him off to anonymity in Liverpool England for a hefty fee of SC4.8M. There Kovac saw out most of his career before taking the oppurtunity at the end of his contract to jump ship to the newly-formed Football League of Sonaron, where he would take part in the initial player draft.

Ryan (along with Darius Belizaire and Thaddeus Gonzalez) was born in the year of World Cup 15, and he became among the first football players born after Starblaydia began competing to represent his country at an International level.