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Flag of SalusaSecondus
Motto: That which does not kill you only makes you stronger
Region The Cuckoos Egg
Capital N/A
Official Language(s) N/A
Leader N/A
Population > 5 billion
Currency solaris 
NS Sunset XML

Tech Modling / Game Admin


Salusa runs the NationStates Technical Forum, and is one of the few people permitted to stick his masked head under the hood to fiddle with the engine of NationStates. He is one of three people permitted to update the game's code (along with [violet] and Max)

Brief History

  • Joined the game in early March of 2003
  • Contacted the Moderators after discovering several security problems (There was no security person on staff yet)
  • Contacted [violet] about a particularly bad problem
  • Appointed Tech Modling on June 13th, 2003
  • Helped out in the tech forum a bunch
  • Granted access to the code (though not the server)
  • After a while granted Game Mod powers to make his job easier
  • Jolt Migration
    • Due to timezone issues, became the official Jolt-NationStates Liason
    • Oversaw (and coded) much of the integration between the game and the forums
    • Oversaw final migration and integration (Max was out of town due to a family emergency)
  • Became a Game Administrator
  • Has added various bits of code (and features) to the game as inspiration hits
  • Accepted job with, but still maintains a presence in NationStates (though more often a background presence).
  • Nation ceased to exist Jan 1 2007 (returning??)
  • Returns a day later saying:

"I can't believe that I let this happen.

Now /that's/ embarrassing."

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