Sentient Peoples

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Sentient Peoples
Flag of Sentient Peoples
Motto: "Ne invoces expellere non possis"
Dor Lomin Regional Map
Region Dor Lomin
Capital Griffin
Official Language(s) None, English/Common and Elvish are Primary
Leader Imperial President D'ron Smith
Population 5,773,000,000 (Feb 20th, 2003 Founding)
Currency Federation Credit 
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The Federated Commonwealths, Dominions, and Colonies of the Federation of Sentient Peoples

A political unit composed of what were once four independent nations and four off-Earth colonies, the Federation was once described as 'relatively harmless Italian Fascists with enough democracy to make them socially redeemable'. They have, on the other hand, been described as '"liberal" in the sense of "Kill everyone, regardless of creed, colour, race etc"'. The four nations making up the Federation Proper, as the Terran Territories are collectively known, reside in the region of Dor Lomin, a temperate region in the South Atlantic with the unfortunate climate reversal found so often these days, making it's climate parallel that of the Northern Hemisphere.

The four nations are geographically linked, sharing, in three cases, physical borders, while the fourth resides on the far side of the region. The Commonwealth of Peitha, The Dominion of Vanderhill, and the Dominion of The Halo are the three contiguous states, while the Commonwealth of Sentient Peoples is seperated from the others. The three colonies are located on Mars, Larissa, a moon of Neptune, and Venus in the Sol System, while the fourth is at a classified location in what is known as the Mercury System. It is known as Bloom.

Highly advanced technologically, the Federation is relatively peaceful, looking out for its own best interests in most cases, and occasionally, it tries to look out for the world at large, when those interests are the same. Rarely is the Federation unwilling to do what it perceives to be the necessary thing, despite the morallity, or lack thereof, in the situation.

The long term primary goal of the Federation is survival of its own polity, position, and population. Additionally, it wants a stable world to prosper in, but would be willing to forsake this goal to survive.

For further information, visit the Federation Website