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Flag of Tshwane
Motto: Per Angusta ad Angusta
Region Best of Bookcrossing
Capital Pretoria
Official Language(s) English (100%), Tshwani (90%), iXhosa (50%)
Leader Pumla Mokwena
Population 16 million
Currency Geekmark (GK) 
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The Republic of Tshwane is a small, safe nation, remarkable for its strong anti-business politics. Its compassionate, cynical population of 16 million are ruled with an iron fist by the dictatorship government, which ensures that no-one outside the party gets too rich. In their personal lives, however, citizens are relatively unoppressed; it remains to be seen whether this is because the government genuinely cares about its people, or if it hasn't gotten around to stamping out civil rights yet.

It is difficult to tell where the omnipresent, socially-minded government stops and the rest of society begins, but it juggles the competing demands of Public Transport, Education, and Religion & Spirituality. The average income tax rate is 64%, and even higher for the wealthy. Private enterprise is illegal, but for those in the know there is a slick and highly efficient black market in Arms Manufacturing.

Political parties are banned from advertising and receiving private donations, all major public areas are watched by police surveillance cameras, military funding has been stripped back, and cars are banned. Crime -- especially youth-related -- is totally unknown. Tshwane's national animal is the one-legged pigeon, which frolics freely in the nation's many lush forests, and its currency is the geekmark.

Tshwane is ranked:

  • 60,183rd in the world for Nudest.
  • 70,248th in the world for Largest Gambling Industry.
  • 54,829th in the world for Largest Arms Manufacturing Sector.
  • 84,125th in the world for Largest Public Transport Department.

Noun: Tshwane Adjective: Tshwani

Status: Minnow

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Racial diversity

Race diversity.jpg

Religious diversity



President - Pumla Mokwena


Minister of Foreign Affairs - Jared Grant

Minister of Culture - Agatha Ikatekit Mnisi

Minister of Agriculture and Industry

Minister of Commerce

Minister of Justice

Minister of Defense

Minister of Labour

Minister of Education

Minister of Internal Affairs

Minister of Energy

Minister of Transportation

Minister of Health & Welfare

Minister of the Treasury

Minister of Domestic Security

Minister of Housing & Urban Development


Sarah McDonald – Ambassador to Maraque

Lynn Petersen - Ambassador to the United Nations



A black square with two parallel white lines, a white box with a red box in the center. The red box represents Tshwane's geographical positon, within South Africa (much like Lesotho) and the bloodshed that occurred in its fight for independence, the bloodiest war the nation has ever seen.

National Anthem

This land is mine but I let you rule

I let you navigate on demand

Just as long as you know…this land is mine

So find your home and settle in

Oh, I’m ready to let you win

Just as long as we know

This land is mine

After all the battles and the wars

The scars and loss

My pride, my freedom and my mind

Are becoming stronger now

The walls are down a little more each day

Since you came, finally…finally things are changing

You can hold back the rain, bring on the wind.

Knock us right down, we`ll get up again.

We`ve dug in deep, made our stand.

Tshwane, our homeland.

(adapted from Dido's "This Land is Mine" and Kenny Rogers' "Homeland")







Main holidays

This is a list of holidays in Tshwane

The Public Holidays Act (Act No 63 of 2006) determines that whenever any public holiday falls on a Sunday, the Monday following it will be a public holiday.

Date English Name
January 1 New Year's Day
March 21 Morality Day
The Friday before Easter Sunday Good Friday
The Monday following Easter Sunday Family Day
April 27 Nudist Day
May 1 Workers' Day
June 16 Independence Day
August 9 National Marijuana Day
September 24 Holy Day
December 16 Remembrance Day
December 25 Chrismukkah
December 26 Day of Goodwill


Tshwane has a large agricultural sector and is a net exporter of farming products. There are almost 500 agricultural cooperatives and agribusinesses throughout the country, and agricultural exports have constituted 8% of Tshwane's total exports for the past six months. The agricultural industry contributes around 30% of formal employment, relatively low compared to other parts of Africa, as well as providing work for casual labourers and contributing around 8.6% of GDP for the nation. However, due to the aridity of the land, only 13.5% can be used for crop production, and only 3% is considered high potential land.

Although the commercial farming sector is relatively well developed, people in some rural areas still survive on subsistence agriculture. It is the seventy-eighth largest wine producer in the world, and the twentieth largest producer of sunflower seed. Tshwane is a net exporter of agricultural products and foodstuffs, the largest number of exported items being beef, dairy products, sugar, grapes, citrus, nectarines, wine and deciduous fruit. The largest locally produced crop is maize(corn), and it has been estimated that 9 million tons are produced every year, with 7.4 million tons being consumed. Beef-based Agriculture forms a large sector of the economy, with the country producing 95% of all meat consumed. The dairy industry consists of around 4,300 milk producers providing employment for 60,000 farm workers and contributing to the livelihoods of around 40,000 others.


Currency: Geekmark - G$

International relations


Declarations of War

Nations with embassies in Tshwane

Maraque - The World Soviet Party - Surdun - Camgo - New Bonzawaniia

Nations in which Tshwane has embassies