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a UN card.

UN Cards are humorous pictures inserted into many posts in the UN portion of the NationStates Forums. Mostly dealing with common misinterpretations of newer players, these cards depict some of the many expressions a UN Forum Regular may feel during his or her tenure in the N.S.U.N. -- from having a proposal reach quorum to receiving a stickied topic.

They were first created by Edward Jones, the Minister of UN Affairs of Texan Hotrodders; soon new series arrived, graphical cards introduced by Moltan Bausch, the UN Ambassador from Gruenberg and colored pictured ones, initiated by His Excellency Sir Cyril MacLehose-Strangways-Jones, Delegate to the United Nations for The Governorate of Cobdenia

All UN cards may be found at the UN cards website, maintained by Love and esterel.