Van Luxemburg

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Van Luxemburg
"Ubi Bene, Ibi Patria" ("Where man's home, there is his Fatherland")
RegionSouthern Europe of van Luxembu
Population±1.5 Billion
Official LanguageLetzebuergisch
Tech LevelModern Tech
LeaderKoen van Luxemburg
CurrencyVan Luxemburgian Euro
National Anthemd'Nationallidd vum Groussherzogtum vum Lëtzebuerg
National Animal Siberian Tiger
Internet TLD .vl
Stats: Luxemburg NSEconomy Luxemburg XML

Van Luxemburg is a country which is set on the van Luxemburgian continent, a man-made copy of Europe, with some differences. It has strong ties with The Vuhifellian States, Wingarde, The Tokera, Kjata Major and others.


Around 1300

After an unfortunate go of events, Grand Duke Floris II was forced to leave, flee Europe. His loyals and he left from Rotterdam, and sailed for months to an "promised land" on the horizon, promised by even the first Medicinemen travelling around Germania. The story was well-preserved, and Floris II went. The travel wasn't exactly easy. Many uprisings of his loyals were peacefully settled, and people almost starved to death on the long journey, because of insufficent food and water, aswell as personal murders.

After exactly 6 Months and 3 days, the ships arrived on the shores of Van Luxemburg. Floris II and his loyals quickly saw that there was something unusual with the island. It showed strange similarities with their own lands. Most loyals, tired of travelling, wanted to go back to their homes. Floris II, a man which wanted to stay here, ordered to make a complete reconstruction of their European lands, so that nobody wanted to return home again. The first building finished was, obviously, his own palace, which still exists, and stands in the Centre of Luxembourg.


Country Name

Long Form: The Grand Duchy of van Luxemburg
Short Form: Van Luxemburg
Country Code: VL or VLU


The Van Luxemburgian Continent

Land Boundaries

  • Bordering Countries: none.
  • Coastline: several seas and oceans, such as the Mediterranean, the Northsea and the Atlantic Ocean,

Maritime Claims

territorial sea: 12 nm contiguous zone: 24 nm


cold temperate; potentially subarctic in the north to temperate; mild wet winters; hot dry summers in the south


fairly flat along the Baltic and Atlantic coast; mountainous in the central and southern areas


Luxembourg, Luxemburg Province


  • Luxemburg
  • UK
  • Bene
  • France
  • Germany
  • Alps (combination of Switzerland and Austria)
  • Italy
  • Iberia
  • Balkan
  • Skandinavia (includes Iceland)
  • Baltican
  • Central-East


Population: ±1,500,000,000

Life Expectancy at Birth:

  • total: 80.6 years
  • Male: 78.9 years
  • Female: 82.3 years


The Correct form is "Van Luxemburger" altough most of the time "Van Luxemburgian" is used.

  • noun: Van Luxemburger(men), Van Luxemburgster(women)
  • adjective: Van Luxemburgers

Racial Ethnicities of Van Luxemburg

As indicated in the country's founding, the Grand Duchy of Van Luxemburg's populace is predominately Caucasian-European. The most of the European ethnic groups have immigrated towards Van Luxemburg, after the Second World War.

Ethnic groups: Celtic and Latin with Teutonic, Slavic, North African, Indochinese, Basque minorities


The Government of Van Luxemburg takes no position in Religious cases, the Dutch Reformed Protestant Religion is the official church of Van Luxemburg, despite the fact that Catholicism is more wide-spread.

  • Catholic: 73-78%
  • Protestant: 12%
  • Jewish: 1%
  • Muslim: 5-10%
  • unffiliated: 4%
  • Other: 1%


Officially, Letzebuergisch is used as official language, but English is mostly spoken in official cases and used in official Letters. all Van Luxemburgians must speak Letzebuergisch and English next to their motherlanguage


Definition: Age 11 and over can read and write
Total population: 99.1%
Male: 99.2%
Female: 99%


Government Type

constitutional monarchy with parliamentary democracy (Grand Duchy)

National Government

Van Luxemburg is a Grand Duchy, lead by the Grand Duke Koen van Luxemburg. it's actually a Constitutional Monarchy, because the Grand Duke is supported by a cabinet, consisting of a bunch of ministers and a Premier, but they're rarely seen in public, except when there's a public asking about a certain law which needs to be done, when every citizen of Van Luxemburg will be asked if they will accept the law or not. when not accepted by public, the law will not be enacted.

Govermental positions

  • Grand Duke Koen van Luxemburg, Head of State
  • dr. Jean-Pierre Claude, Premier
  • ms. Maria Laiz, Minister of the Interior
  • dr. Hans van Wieren, Minister of Defence
  • ing. Jens Blom, Minister of Foreign affairs
  • dr. Henk Zalm, Minister of Finances
  • ms. Henria Grüne, Minister of Social and Civilian cases
  • Gen. Dmitri Iazrev, Minister of Overseas Colonies
  • Ing. Danny Norsk, Minister of Transport

Local Government

Van Luxemburg is ruled by the Grand Duke and his Government, but in every province another "Gezant der Groothertog" is responsible for local affairs, and gets funding of the Minister of the Interior, which gathers with her "Gezanten" once per two weeks.


currently, all parties can register to participate in elections, but only with the approval of the Grand Duke. most of the time, extremists get no party.


All citizens over the age of 18 are eligible to vote providing they have proof of the following:

  • Age
  • Van Luxemburgian Nationality
  • no record of (recent) crimes

International Organisations


Van Luxemburg is part of The Vuhifellian States's Alliance, as probably one of the first members joined.

Mutual Aid Pact

Van Luxemburg is part of the Mutual Aid Pact (or MAP), and is a fairly active member of this, coordinating actions with other leaders at the MAP HQ.

International and National Enemies

none as of yet, altough Van Luxemburg is a rival of the GLM, Guyana Liberation Movement, which fights for an independent Van Luxemburgian Guyana Island.


Van Luxemburg is a considerable large Military Force, with troops counted in Millions.