Vecchio Victors

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Vecchio Victors
LeagueLiga Starblaydia
ManagerRyan Garry
StadiumVictory Park


The Vics were the pioneers of excellence in youth systems in Starblaydia, producing great young player which, unfortunately, had to be sold off to keep the club afloat. Half-Dance 2 Revolutionary Tetsuo Naoki and Jakkinho are but two examples of Starblaydis who could have lit up the Starblaydi Football League but were forced to play abroad.

The first ever Starblaydi footballing legend was Captain for club and country while at the Vics, Ryan Garry. The incredible Left-Back led his country into their first forays at World Cup Qualification, though Starblaydia could only qualify for World Cup 17 after Garry's retirement.


Quarter-Finalists, Atlantian_Oceania_Champions_League 1

Famous Players

Ryan Garry
Tetsuo Naoki


The Vics play in Green with White Trim

Starting XI

 Season 4 Team (4-3-3)
 Pos     Name                 Nationality
 GK      Jarod Dreka          Turorian
 R/CB    Porfirio Zanueta     Starblaydi
 LB      Glenn Schultz        Liverpool Englander
 CB      Shazad Al-Mahula     Starblaydi
 CB      Bobby Muniz          Liverpool England FROM Foxchester Raiders
 LM      Hong Knapko          Turorian
 C/AM    Juan Miguel Aguilera Starblaydi
 RM      Frances Sirpilla     Starblaydi
 SC      Trevor Bent          Druidan
 SC      John Peter           Nova Britannican
 SC      Danos Sendris        Starblaydi FROM Tournetas