Virginie Merlot

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Virginie Merlot
18 April 1981
Marital Status

Virginie Merlot is a Pantocratorian journalist, who works for a number of news agencies, but who is most often seen on Peacock Daily News. She is an extremely popular television personality on account of her attractiveness, her disarming smile, and perky attitude. She is also fairly popular with politicians, who regard her as a fairly non-confrontational interviewer, who doesn't tend to ask too many difficult questions.

Early life

Merlot was born in Pantocratoria and has spent almost all of her life in her home country excepting a number of trips to foreign interviews and press conferences. She is part of Pantocratoria's French-speaking Catholic majority, as were her parents.


Virginie Merlot has represented the Pantocratorian press corps at many international press events. She has frequently attended conferences given by candidates for public office in foreign nations given to make their views and the issues of the election clear to the international community.

Virginie Merlot has also done a number of more in depth interviews with public figures. She hosted Pantocratorian Loyal Christian Front leader Prince Basil and his family on a segment designed to help viewers get to know the candidates personally during the second 2004 elections. More controversially, she interviewed Grand Duchess Gwendolyn and Princess Jessica, both of the Resurgent Dream, on their involvement in the International Red Cross effort in Finara. Many critics, including Princess Jessica herself, claim that the interview was unprofessional and laced with religious bigotry. While critics have avoided calling public attention to Merlot, the incident has cost her a number of prominent interviews, especially involving Danaans. For example, when Princess Morgan announced her conversion to Catholicism, she declined to be interviewed by Merlot and instead did a number of interviews with rival journalists. Likewise, Beatrice Wake gave no interviews to Merlot during her controversial speaking tour with Princess Irene.

Personality interviews

Merlot has, for better or for worse, interviewed literally dozens of prominent public figures in Pantocratoria and internationally. These include Princess Jessica, Grand Duchess Gwendolyn, Prince Basil, Thibault Drapeur, Princess Sarah, Princess Diana, Princess Irene, Viscountess Kairis, the Duke of Montmanuel and numerous others.


Merlot has been both praised and criticized for blurring the lines between journalism, entertainment, and political propoganda. She is widely known for her good looks and charm which tend to attract viewers. However, some have suggested that she lacks any real substance as a journalist and is merely a pretty face to put in front of the cameras.